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TTMT#143-Moving stuff again

5 thoughts on “TTMT#143-Moving stuff again

  1. I can really tell you’re back in the groove! It’s good to see you smiling. ☺️

    I’m loving your ironing station. That is fantastic!

    The scrappy quilt you’re making pops up fairly regularly at Linus meetings. It makes a really wonderful baby quilt!

    I like the backing fabric you showed. I think the quilting would really show up nicely. It can definitely get lost in busier prints.

    Can’t wait to see your on point masterpiece!


  2. It’s great to see you movin’ and groovin’ in your sewing room. You look more relaxed and happy, that’s wonderful. I love the pre-school quilt and your idea for the 2.5″ squares is perfect!. I am planning to do a similar ironing station at some point. don’t have anything that will work well as the base yet, but can easily get plywood through husband’s work

    Enjoy your crafty space!


  3. Yay! So much good stuff happening! I’m so glad you have your mom back at home and can get back to being crafty.

    I keep collecting scrappy squares too. I think I made my very first batch years ago to small at 2 inches. So I’ll have to rethink if I’m keep those, but I someday want a massive postage stamp quilt of my fabrics from over the years.

    Nice idea for the ironing area.

    Happy Crafting


  4. The quilt for your friend’s kindergarten class looks really sweet. I think you could use almost anything for the back… there’s lot of colours in the top, so as long as it looks okay with your binding I don’t think it’ll matter what you choose.

    Glad to hear you’ve got some space back again and hopefully a little more time for yourself to do crafting!

    I like that ironing station quite a lot.. I need to make myself a bigger one too.


  5. How fun that you can now just “pull out the tub” and get to work! Thos 16-patches would make a great baby quilt.
    The new ironing station with storage is FABULOUS! Great work.
    Craftier and craftier…I’m looking forward to seeing that.


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