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TTMT #81 Hat, Socks, Bib

6 thoughts on “TTMT #81 Hat, Socks, Bib

  1. The knitted bibs are an interesting idea. Sometimes it’s nice to just do something totally different from what you have been working on.

    Glad you stopped by to say hi, we always enjoy seeing and hearing from you! Take care!

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  2. Oh those socks are fun! You make such fun happy stuff.

    I think it was maybe my grandma that used to make a crochet type bib. Kind of like the hand towels. The collar was crotchet but the front was towel. Anyway I like them.

    Happy Crafting and good to see you

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  3. Such cute bibs. I love new projects! Shhh….nobody knows that. lol
    Yes, creating a heel in a new sock IS exciting. It looks great.
    That hat is so darned cute. I love when stitches turn into a pattern…it’s like magic.


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