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TTMT #73 Zelda & Mask but not Majora’s mask

10 thoughts on “TTMT #73 Zelda & Mask but not Majora’s mask

  1. Your face is so tiny, I’m not surprised the pleats are such a pain for you. I don’t care for the curved one as much, I find it kind of claustrophobic. I ended up purchasing bridges for mine (A-B mask, so pleats but also darts on the chin & nose) which helps so, so much. I still hate them, but you know, PLAGUE.

    Yay for your Zelda blocks! I am enjoying seeing those pop up again. All of Shae’s patterns pre-date Fandom in Stitches. I tend to think of them as “Back in the Day” designs! Design away lady, design away!


    1. It’s hard to find mask that work for everyone. It’s why I’m making the family wear them at home for longer periods to makes sure which type works for them. If they don’t work, they won’t wear them.

      The Zelda blocks are making be happy for sure. I have missed the making fandoms that I adore. I feel like it’s been a blue moon.
      Definitely some of her designs you can tell are “back in the day” because the newer design programs didn’t exist. They have stood the test of time 😁

      Ok I’ll start brain storming ideasz

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  2. Looks like you’ve been busy! Tula masks are stylin’ If you’ve got to wear a mask, make it look good! If you need a tester, I’d be happy to help.


  3. Are you doing Shae’s original zelda patterns from years ago? Or are these Gretchen’s newer ones? I started testing a block for Gretchen for zelda years ago and never even finished the block,. It was tiny and so many tiny pieces. I ended up apologizing to her and saying she’d need to find a different tester. I felt bad but by that time I wasn’t interested in making the quilt anymore. It’s more my problem than the patterns, as I just don’t like complicated blocks. I see what you mean about the blocks being different sizes. That would make a layout difficult to decide on.

    Oh I love that you might design a quilting motif for the star trek quilt. I look forward to seeing that!

    I don’t mind simple applique, but I doubt I’ll ever be doing anything overly-intricate with that method.I can understand you preferring paper-piecing.


    1. They are both Shae & Gretchen designs. I have played Zelda since the beginning to the current Breathe of the Wild. The quilt will definitely have elements of different Zelda versions in it.

      I would always rather have someone say they can’t test anymore than ghost me with my design. My daughter is getting excited she thought Zelda had died in a pile of UFOs somewhere 🤣

      I don’t mind complicated blocks and Gretchens aren’t bad at all compared to some of FIS newer designers. Some of those are ridiculous and needed to be dumbed down.

      I hope to design more and more customized motifs for the long arm. I don’t always love doing block but block custom but E2E that I customize seem like a fun idea.

      I think the picky paper piecer in me feels like I’m cheating with appliqué. Which I know is stupid but when I can avoid it I do. I have only appliquéd on a quilt that also had PP. That was for Vanda in the first Fantastic Beast QAL.
      We will see I may cave and do it anyway but I’ll give the design a try first.

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  4. Wow! I have never played Zelda so I don’t know what any of the blocks are, but they look fantastic.

    Since it looks as though this mask thing is going to be for quite a while longer, I need to make a few more for me and Tim. I’m just making the pleated ones and although they do fog up my glasses, I just take the glasses off in the grocery store. That’s the only place we go any more other than an occasional drive thru. Yours are beautiful.


    1. I’m so blind I would run things. I have not actually gone inside a store since Feb 26. But I have had to go to medical appointments and to my auto dealership. But I do anticipate needing the mask for longer than I would like. So I’ll spend the time to make sure I’m happy with them.

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  5. The masks look great.. it’s definitely the annoying thing with the pleated rectangle ones that they just want to creep up and up and up. I’ve been using pipe cleaners to help shape the nose and you can kind of shape them so they go over your nose and then down lower on your cheeks, but it’s annoying to fiddle around with. (And a big part of the mask thing is supposed to be just leaving it alone once it’s on your face, so..) Anyway, I like the fabrics you’ve used. Very nice.

    I don’t know Zelda at all, but the blocks look pretty amazing.


  6. Great masks.
    Zelda is really coming along. I don’t know what any of those are, but they sure are good looking.
    I’m always available for pattern testing if you need some. I just slip them in between whatever I’m working on, so it’s no trouble.


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