TTMT Video

TTMT #577 – Caught Up Or…Not!

In which I share how I WAS caught up and some GOOD NEWS!

There are a few weird sound issues in this video. If you wait until the end, you’ll find out what’s up with that.

I hope you’re all well! ♥



11 thoughts on “TTMT #577 – Caught Up Or…Not!

  1. So much for being caught up! Those three are very cute, and I love what you did quilting-wise on the one with the 8 inch squares. Very fun!

    I think that’s a good plan. One from you, one from someone else. That will get it done!
    And absolutely, if you can do orphan quilts at retreat you can totally do it in your living room.


    1. I cut out the part where I said I’d have to vacuum WAY more to work on orphan block quilts in my living room. *coughcoughfivecatscoughcough*

      I loved quilting the 8″ squares! Liza’s appear to be mostly squares, too, so I will more opportunity to practice. Woo!


  2. All 3 quilts look great. The quilting on the squares quilt is lovely. Great way to practice. I am so happy to see my old quilt tops being made into real quilts for kids.


  3. Omg Dipper! Does that goof ball ever sleep? 🤣

    Oh nice quilting! I really need to spend more time actually FMQing. I use my computer so much I think I may look like a lost drunk FMQing. I definitely feel I have lost some of those skills.

    I always need to throw some of my own stuff in there or I feel like it’s all work and no play!

    Happy Crafting and Congratulations to your wonderful daughter.


    1. Dipper will happily sleep if there is a big pile of warm laundry that needs folding!

      My sewing and quilting is taking on a frantic “must do it all” pace. I suspect it is a combo of being stuck at home and the likelihood of not being able to quilt for months.

      My kids, I can’t even tell you! I’m so happy for my daughter. She says she feels like she’s finally on the right track. 🙂


  4. Congrats to your daughter!

    The baby quilts are very nice… I have a quilt kit of that fabric in the quilt on the left and I kind of like it when I see it made into things but seeing it sitting in my stash, I kind of hate it. I should probably just donate it somewhere, maybe someone else can make something good with it. Seeing it on the fence behind you makes me like it more again.

    The quilting on the last one is a lot of fun… I like practicing different things too, it’s a great way to dress up an otherwise simple quilt.


    1. Thanks! We’re super proud.

      I have this weird thing where I can kind of disconnect from my own feelings about particular fabrics if I’m making a thing for charity. I know I might not like it, but someone else might, so it makes it easier for me to just use it up.


  5. Love your 3 quilts. The design is so simple. I really like that. You, of course, make is awesome with the quilting.
    So happy for your daughter. I loved going to graduate school, I’m sure she will love it,


  6. My daughters were 4 years apart in school, but the youngest finished her undergrad and then took a gap-year under her scholarship. In the Fall, they, too, with both be in graduate school. What a great feeling, huh?

    Great waviness on the tumblers. My fish quilt (there may be 2 coming) will be from a tumbler die.
    Boy, those squares were just begging for awesome quilting, huh? It really changes how you look at “plain” squares as canvases for quilting. These 3 are precious.

    Caught up? is that a thing?

    We all functioned just fine before we had the great design walls. Just old-school it and you’ll be fine. Keep ’em coming.


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