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TTMT #357 – jewells68 – June 16, 2020 – A Time to Sew

In which I talk about giving my coworkers some fabric masks and gearing up for the new Project Linus 2020 Mystery Quilt. Yes, it’s already almost time for this year’s mystery quilt! Hard to believe, but it’s true. The time has come to start quilting again. I’m ready.

My first post-mask craft project was making myself a belt from a leftover bit of cotton webbing from my December/January grocery tote endeavors. Had the perfect sized d-rings on hand! Pleased with the easy, fast results.

new belt 2020-06-16

12 thoughts on “TTMT #357 – jewells68 – June 16, 2020 – A Time to Sew

  1. Yay for having masks done and being free from the obligation. As you know, I felt the same way about making them. I really hope you feel as free to sew fun things now as I did post-mask-making.

    Aalia! I do miss her. Thank you for reminding us her birthday is coming up.



    1. I am so relieved to be moving on to something more enjoyable. Eating a salad right now while I work and then I may take a break to go clea and oil my juki and prep my frame. 🙂


  2. So glad your mask are done! It’s such a emotion sucking task!

    You do need to fun back in the room! I know you got a quilt loaded and your rockin’ it out!

    Happy Crafting and Stay Healthy


    1. It’s like a dam has broken and my brain is like “quilt all the things now!” lol. WE are in an air advisory this morning due to Arizona wildfires, so instead of my outside walk I will be getting ready for work and then quilting until it’s time to clock in. Woo!

      Same to you! Happy Crafting and be well!

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  3. I feel like it can’t possibly be time for the new Linus mystery quilt. I felt like it was like… two months ago when you were working on it haha.

    Happy crafting! I’m glad you can leave the mask making behind and move on to something fun.


    1. Haha, well, it does kind of feel that way. They did the Side By Side QaL in March/April, which I never finished, but I’m getting back to it this week. Meanwhile, they are announcing the name of the new mystery quilt in July, and I think it starts in late August or early September. They might start it early just because of people being stuck in their homes.


  4. I haven’t finished last year’s Project Linus mystery quilt yet. But it’s on the pile, so I’ll get to is.

    I’m so happy you’re going to start having fun again. Masks are a pain, but it’s the part we do in the big scheme of the world crisis right now. I’m glad you finished your tour of duty.

    We, too, are healthy and employed. That’s more than so many right now. The plague gets closer and closer to us each week. My brother’s secretary lost her father-in-law yesterday to COVID-19. Just too close.

    You go get crafty up in that place right there!


    1. I’m going to be experimenting with a couple other mask styles for my daughter since she has to wear them for up to 8 hours straight at work. But that won’t stop me from gettin crafty up in this place, lol.

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