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TTMT #576 – Tuesday Do-Over

A day late and cool again! This one is all about finishing up charity quilts for The Linus Connection. There’s a bit of personal health stuff, too. Feel free to skip over that if you like.

I love you all and hope you’re doing okay today. ♥



12 thoughts on “TTMT #576 – Tuesday Do-Over

  1. Those quilts are fantastic, and you are amazing getting those finished in the hot box like you did. I won’t call you a “trooper” because I hate when people call you that.

    The sooner that foot gets fixed up the better, even if it does force you to slow down for months. We want you rockin’ and rollin’ for years to come! ((hugs))

    May your new system keep you and yours cool for decades.


    1. To be honest, working on the quilts made the time pass. It seemed so much slower when I wasn’t doing something.

      The foot has to happen. I figured there’s enough going on that I should warn everyone now. I know I sometimes come across as distracted and that’s a great deal of the “why.”

      Cool air for the win!


  2. I’d like a hug!
    I’m glad you are going to get your foot worked on. Being without pain is a miracle – speaking from the point of view of getting my knees fixed.
    Hugs to you.


    1. I can’t wait to hug you again!

      I’ve been holding off mentioning my prospective foot surgery because it’s One More Thing in a world full of things but with me ticking off the medical necessities, it’s starting to feel real.


  3. Huzzah for the cool air! That should make things a bit more pleasant for you guys. Also YAY for those quilts. They look great. And third, but certainly not least, I’m glad you are going to get that foot fixed. No fun being in constant pain.


  4. Glad your air is up and running!! I know you have put off the foot surgery, but you’ll be glad to have it behind you instead in front of you.
    The quilts are fantastic and they are gonna love them.


  5. Oh I love the quilts. I always love seeing a like POD. I finally feel like I’m starting to find a bit of a flow to my schedule for the first time since we moved and definitely since Pandemic started.

    I am sorry you have so much additional stressors right now. I hope all of your appointments and such get sorted soon.

    We need to do parking lot coffee even it I don’t have a whole pile of quilts for you.



    1. Most of my appointments are now done or rescheduled for later, so I’m feeling okay. Mostly I want everyone to know that this surgery is ACTUALLY going to happen so that when I go mia for a little while it won’t be a surprise.

      Parking lot coffee! YEEEEES. ♥


  6. Oh, I love the yellow/black one. And the bookshelf is amazing.

    WOW — your quilting just gets better and better. Waves, modern, you are really branching out and just excelling. There will be a ton of kids feeling a little bit better this year due to you.

    I have a foot problem that is coming back after many years, and just putting off going to the doctor. But you know, that can’t be put off too long as it gets more and more painful. I hope you’re on track to get yours permanently resolved. I’d love to see that behind you.

    Air conditioners are a VERY necessary evil. My brother’s house (where I grew up) has an old unit that they keep trying to talk him into replacing and he keeps patching it together trying to get through another year. Of course, 32 years old sounds young to him and ancient to the A/C guys. I hope, like your foot, this is a very long-term change and can be off your mind for many years now.

    Although we miss you online a little, you sure are getting a ton of things done. I’ve been working on a lot of things and getting a lot done, but just nothing too exciting to show yet. It’s coming together, though.


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