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TTMT#142-Blocks finished

9 thoughts on “TTMT#142-Blocks finished

  1. I’m so glad they were able to fix up your Mom’s tub. That will make it easier on her to be home and on you to not have to worry about her getting in and out of that tub. I’m glad you could keep her at home to heal but also glad that you will have some time to relax in your sewing room soon!


  2. I am so glad to see you all happy and smiling.
    Such good news about your mom’s new walk-in shower. That is terrific.
    Love that quilt and love that you are going to have some more time in your quilting room soon,


  3. I have to laugh a bit. Every quilt I make my youngest comes in and ask who it’s for? She basically wants them all. She has two I her room now not to mention the pile by the TV. So she no longer gets dibs or no one else would ever get a quilt 🤣

    I am glad your mom is getting set up at home safely. It’s rough when you are caring for parents and they don’t love it either.

    I haven’t even touched my Tula score yet. Oh except to fussy cut a few mask. The prices were so good! It was harder to pass up! I think I got two wide backs from the monkey wrench line.

    Happy Crafting


  4. I’m very curious what’s in those plastic boxes up above your head.

    Sounds like you’re really free by now, mom gone back home and school out 😀 Enjoy the sewing time.

    The bees behind you are so great looking.


  5. Hi Kristel, A couple of weeks ago I reorganized my fabric by color. I printed out the color pages from fellow Canadian Karen Brown’s Just Get It Done Quilts web page. It’s been nice because I actually have been pulling more from them since they are directly across from where I sew.


  6. I love how your design wall and your whole “video backdrop” changes so much each week. My design walls get more layers and less layers, but don’t really change that much. Maybe because I’m not finishing much these days.
    That Square Deal is great! The Tula Pink backing is perfect. Love them both. I need to start using my fabrics, too. I’ve gotten a little better.
    That retirement gift is awesome. Love the photo on the label.
    So nice to see you so happy.


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