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TTMT #80 Short Check In

10 thoughts on “TTMT #80 Short Check In

  1. Your hexis are looking great and the bag handles do look sturdy. I’m sure she’ll love that bag.
    the blanket looks great too! It reminds me of the Log Cabin knitted blankets I used to make, from the Mason Dixon Knitting book.


  2. Your “haven’t done much this week” is more than most people accomplish in a month – and by most people, I mean me.

    I love that log cabin blanket. I also love that purse; I know she will too.

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  3. The bag is so adorable. My favorite is the hexis!! I am always in awe of your work.
    I hope you are feeling better. Some days its hard to get out of your own thoughts. ((BIG HUG))


  4. Oh Charlotte’s bag is so adorable!
    I’m drooling over you hexie blanket. So unique and fun looking.

    I hope your days are better. It’s hard to not have those right now. Hang in there! We can always do porch coffee ☕️

    Hugs 🤗


  5. Can’t wait to see the shawl progress (I’m obviously behind on my viewing).
    LOVE the color-block quilt (missed the name). One of my absolute favorite crochet patterns is a color-block one, that goes so fast and looks so complicated.
    Charlott’es going to love that bag. Interesting handle. I haven’t seen that before. I can see where it would be sturdy enough.
    I know it’s hard to think about travel when it’s not a possibility. I haven’t been anywhere, and it’s getting to me. I go to my office (3 miles?), the grocery (5 blocks?), and when I get stir-crazy I take a drive (30 miles?). My world has shrunk. I’m okay with it conceptually and doing what I can. Hang in there.


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