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TTMT #356 – jewells68 – June 9, 2020 – Stuff and Notmuch

I’ve been plugging away here and there on finishing masks for my coworkers and to donate locally. And working on stuff here in my dilapidated, 60+yo house/yard, where everything is breaking or falling apart… when I’m not working.

17 thoughts on “TTMT #356 – jewells68 – June 9, 2020 – Stuff and Notmuch

    1. Already have a bag of clothes ready to take to goodwill. Plenty more stuff where those came from, lol.

      I’ll do something crafty, even if it’s just one small thing.


    1. It’s so weird. It’s been in the high 90s here as well until yesterday. It’s in the 70s outside now, and it’s been sunny all day, but in the house it hasn’t hit 70 yet. I finally got warm enough to take off my hoodie a few minutes ago.

      I’d like to move but I can’t get the husband onboard with my plan. I want a house on a lot that’s barely bigger than the house. We are on a fifth of an acre lot and it’s a pain in the ass. No one has time for this, lol. We aren’t outdoorsy barbecue people.

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    1. It was a strange weather front, but after days of 99 degrees and higher humidity than normal here it’s greatly appreciated. Back up to mid 80s today and in the 90s by the end of the weekend. so I’m going to enjoy this freakish weather while it lasts, lol.

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  1. I think the more we stay home the more we notice the little things that need to be done.
    The crafting will always be there..just remember if you do just one small thing you’ll feel better. Its there for us when we need it.


    1. It would be awesome if it were just little things around the house instead of things that require contractors coming in to save the day.

      Moving on to quilting this week.


  2. Oh it’s always something with houses. I had a blissful 5 yrs in the last house. It was brand new and only had an appliance that was a dud that the builder replaced. The current house we did the roof immediately after moving in. The previous owner paid for most of it. The house is twenty years old, so we anticipate a steady stream of things to fix.


    1. Ah to have a house that is only 20 years old! lol Ours was built around 1945-1950… and we’ve lived in it 23+ years. It needs new… EVERYTHING. *sigh* It’s a decrepit dump, but it’s all ours, lol.


      1. Lol I have previously owned a 1919 build and a 1948 build. So I completely get old. It’s a constant battle when they are past a certain age.
        Twenty years isn’t to bad as long as you keep up with the flow of issues that are always popping up. The roof was the biggest issue. The insurance for the house would have been hard to get in our area once the roof exceeds 20 yrs. To many hail storms in the area.


        1. We replaced our roof 14 years ago during monsoon season. Water just started pouring through the roof over what is now the project room. It’s the down side to flat roofs. Since then my husband knows he has to keep an eye on the roof and make sure none of the drain openings get clogged with leaves or debris so that water doesn’t collect in pools up there. Monsoon season, like we are in now, where it just dumps water faster than it can run off or absorb into the ground, is when we have to keep an eye on it most frequently. Right now my biggest issue is having to wash clothes by hand in the sink because our 24yo maytag finally bit the dust. The supply chain is backed up, so our new units won’t get delivered until the first full week of July. All I can say is I’m glad to be working from home still.


          1. Ugh that’s a pain in the ass. We had the refrigerator saga last year. Brand new POS. It was a month of coolers. Clothes would be even worse to me.
            I know my hubs works in an industry that makes the coatings on appliances. They went from 30 percent of the normal orders to over capacity in short order. Things are definitely backed up.


  3. I have spent most of my life in old houses. I currently live in one that is only about 60 years old, and the one we are remodeling for me to move into is the same age. Young compared to my 120-year-old farm. I understand the problems. My current house doesn’t get entirely warm for a few weeks in the winter, and just never gets cool for a few months in the summer.

    Great to see you, and I love those little houses behind you.


    1. this house is approaching it’s 80th birthday, and we’ve been in it for about 24 years so all the things are breaking. but at least I now have a washer and dryer again. Finally.


      1. My dryer suddenly stopped working. I’m pretty sure the problem is that no electricity is coming out of the wall. If that’s the case, my brother can fix it and the dryer will work again. I prefer that to the alternative…get a new dryer. We’ll see. It’s always something.


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