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Needed to share with friends without blasting it all over Facebook. My daughter-in-law, Leslie, had to start back to work this week. She’s a preschool teacher in Austin. Tuesday, 2 kids who had been there on Monday had 101 fevers. They had to go home, of course.

Yesterday they closed the school for a week!! because those 2 kids are now sick. Apparently the Tx governor says they only have to close down that long. We are all concerned. Leslie is very concerned but the kids were not in her room. There was a teacher who was rotating through EVERY class, but we are all hopeful.

Of course, the President says kids don’t get sick so they can go back to school. I guess that’s really not true so school have to be careful opening back up.

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5 thoughts on “Covid19?

  1. 1 week doesn’t seem like enough does it. Supposedly we are supposed to isolate for 2 weeks, but I don’t know how many businesses are actually doing that. My daughter’s work they take the staff’s temp when they show up for work, and if they have a fever they have to stay home for just 3 days unless they start showing other symptoms. Pretty crazy. I wish her and the rest of the families and staff at your daughter’s workplace well.

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  2. Ugh that’s stressful! My hubs had his work shut down yesterday for a positive case. It’s not someone he has any contact with. They are deep cleaning the place, doing contract tracing for workers in contact
    , and opening back up I think on Monday. Thankfully they all wear mask all day long and have reduce the staff to very limited numbers in the building at any given time. I think this is unfortunately what is going to be the norm for the foreseeable future.



  3. I had been wondering how preschooler was going to work, because how in the world can anyone sanitize enough or social distance enough for wee ones? I hope the kiddos had a bug and that everyone will be okay. Big hugs to you, my friend!


  4. I know at my school ( little ones) they have done a pretty good job and have enforced the 2 week quarantine. They also offer Covid testing about 5 miles away from here. We have a strict protocol if students are on campus..on a 25-30% rotation only a handful of students here at a time. Areas are cleaned constantly. It has added a bit more stress, but we want the students to feel safe while still getting the hands on work.
    K-12 never did go back once the schools where out here. I’m curious how thats going to go this fall.
    Hopefully it all worked out and everyone is safe and sound.


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