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TTMT#141-Getting organized

7 thoughts on “TTMT#141-Getting organized

  1. You go, girl, getting all organized! I love a good clear container for organizing. It definitely helps when you can see what you’ve got.

    Enjoy the new project and I hope you keep getting a little time to yourself here and there!


  2. Thanks Jennifer! You look like you’ve been getting a lot done! Love all the quilting you’ve been able to do.


  3. I’m glad you are getting time to yourself. Yes we are gonna have to find something to do with all that Tula Pink from the weekend 🤫

    I like that idea you are using. I have a few Fat Quarter patterns books somewhere. One of my first big quilts was a Turning twenty. Her fabrics would definitely lend well to patterns like that. Yes you do need more projects…we all do!

    Happy Crafting!


  4. Good for you. I could be using my time to organize now, but it’s just too hard. So much junk all around the room! Oh well, sometime it will happen. Enjoy your time quilting.


  5. I love me some clear containers… I have all different sizes that I have accumulated over the years. My goal is to whittle the sheer number of them down so my fabric is all generally in one place. Good for you tackling your shelves! And good for you making time to craft… look forward to seeing more of those blocks!


  6. Getting organized feels sooooo goooooood! I’m happy for you. I keep my “collections” separate from my color organization (like batiks, holidays, and a specific character/genre). Then within my “colors”, I organize by size. I got tired of having to take things out and measure them before deciding if I can use them.
    That Square Deal looks fun, fast, and pretty. Starting a new project is definitely good for the head. I, too, am happy when I have a lot of projects going. I’m glad you figured out when you can escape to your happy place.
    Great to see you, and your organization looks fabulous. I like the clear boxes.


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