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TTMT #62 Final KH week!!

14 thoughts on “TTMT #62 Final KH week!!

  1. You have done an awesome job on this QAL. I almost makes me want to start video gaming. Almost. Your designs are wonderful and I’m so glad you have so many folks taking part in this.


  2. The quilt a long was so well done! I was blown away by all of the Invitational patterns. Just wonderful!

    I was happy to do the embroidery for you. Sorry about the craziness at work and stuff at home. Hope you are getting a chance to catch your breath.

    Take care & Happy Crafting


    1. Things have been a bit stressful and I usually have sewing as my “go to” place, but that didn’t even seam to work. But today was a pretty good day and I did finally meet my goal on the mask making,feeling pretty good about that.
      I love the trophys and can’t thank you enouph.


  3. Lady, I am so proud of your work on the quilt along! It was one of the most organized ever and I know that we’re going to be seeing your patterns again and again!

    I submitted a special shirt design to Zazzle to celebrate your event, I’m just waiting for approval. I’d intended to do it earlier, but The World happened and it completely slipped my mind.

    I still cannot believe those Design Invitational patterns! There was nothing, nothing, nothing, and then their were twenty!!


    1. OMG!! I love the idea of a Tshirt!! Let me know asap. Thank you about the qal. I am very proud of it and amazed at the invitational patterns. I struggle with faces so I was very pleased with the characters. I am glad I did a lot of the leg work earlier because the last couple months a feel completely behind on everything.
      THANK YOU!


  4. Your designs for this really are extraordinary. I was a little sad that I didn’t feel up to participating in the quilt along…And I’m only just getting into quilting!


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