TTMT Video

TTMT#31 Cloud Blouse and Quilting

Notable drop in video quality is due to my filming and editing myself on my janky old laptop instead of using our fearless leader’s equipment and skills. Also had to restrain myself from including pictures of my knee x-rays! I think they’re super neat, but I don’t want to squick anyone out.

6 thoughts on “TTMT#31 Cloud Blouse and Quilting

  1. I really like the sampler quilting to get you used to it. The octopus is marvelous! I do like your cloud blouse. Most angels sit on clouds; you just decided to wrap yourself in one.

    I’m so happy to see you this week. And I am thrilled that you are doing better and being more productive. YAY PROGRESS!!!!!


  2. Oh fun free motion quilting! It’s always best to just dive into it. It takes practice for sure but you got start somewhere. Nice job doodling on the top.

    I like you fluffy cloud blouse. It definitely reminds me of a renaissance top.

    Good to see you. I’m happy to hear you are continuing to make progress.


  3. So good to hear and see you… and I reiterate what I said before when I saw the photos of your quilting in progress… you are a natural, my dear! And I love love love the octopus.

    It makes me so happy that you are doing so much better and getting the help you need. Hugs from the desert!


  4. I completely relate to your “thing”. I am easily bored by quick, easy projects. So I just start new ones (several a week) and finish them as they come back around again. So it takes me years on some (no one needs to mention the ones you’ve seen over a period of decades that are not yet finished). But it makes me happy.
    So great to see you sewing again. And the whole quilting thing is blowing my mind. You have been converted. Took a while!
    I like the shirt. I can see that it’s cloud-like, but I do like it.
    I’m sure you are aware, but it’s worth mentioning that most quilters go most of their lives waiting for the opportunity to longarm quilt. And there you just go and do it…before you have finished your first one. You are a very fortunate lady. And just thriving in it. The Linus quilt looks fabulous. Love the hearts. An octopus? Just adorable.
    So…you can’t make it accidentally ugly. It’s going to be beautiful no matter what you do to it.
    I wish you luck on finding a doctor you love. It’s great to see you. You look good, you sound good…looking forward to seeing more of you. Maybe you just needed a little quilting to kick off your journey to being even better.


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