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TTMT #79 Hexagons Everywhere

6 thoughts on “TTMT #79 Hexagons Everywhere

  1. Oh I love it! I have never seen a hexie crotchet blanket before. It’s gonna be on my bucket list now. It is so fun!

    Hmmm… Have you tried H-E-B? We almost always get our full order or very close to it.

    I’m glad you had a good week. We need to enjoy those when we get them.

    Happy Crafting


  2. I love how much you love those hexis! Yay for finding a project that brings you joy.

    Also, YAY for a son who reaches out and asks questions. Such a good mom. 😊

    I was going to ask the same about HEB. They’ve had most things for the last month or so. You might be able do get your must haves from them.

    Take care, hippie mom! ❤️


  3. I really want to make hexis now, but I do NOT need to start another yarn project until this monstrosity of a blanket is done. Better get on that this weekend. It’s been languishing too long.

    That’s awesome that your son asks questions. My daughter has started asking about some things too.


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