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TTMT # 72 Geeking Out

13 thoughts on “TTMT # 72 Geeking Out

  1. It’s so good, it’s so good! I can’t believe how awesome the finished product is. Your quilt design wraps the whole thing up perfectly.

    I know exactly what you mean about how hard it is to go back and edit patterns after the fact. I have a hard drive full of things I haven’t finished, mostly from my earlier days of designing when there weren’t enough hours in the day.

    Go sew fun things, lady, you deserve it!

    And it has been a tough week. I edited a bunch out of my video because nothing I said encompassed what I wanted to say, so I left it for real life conversations.


    1. Ahh Thanks I really enjoyed this one. It was so satisfying to digitize the drawing into a quilt pattern.

      I know this is what happens when I don’t do it right away. I have folders full of unfinished designs. I just get to far removed from them and it takes for ever to find all the edits.
      I do significantly better when I make it, test it, keep notes and go straight to edits.

      Oh this week…oh boy 😢


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  2. Although science is so far out of my range of understanding, I am in awe of folks who do understand. Having said that, I love the quilt. And I really appreciate your design skills!


  3. Geek out looks perfect. Before I hit play, I fell in love with the prism. That PSD design is perfect. Great job on that. The double batting was great for this one. I love it when I need a little more fluff.

    Thanks for the closeups at the end. Wonderful to see your details.


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