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TTMT #575 – One, Two, Three

Hello, dear friends. This is a very short one. I recorded with a raging headache, which has fortunately now passed. I’m thinking of each and every one of you and hope you’re well. ♥



15 thoughts on “TTMT #575 – One, Two, Three

  1. All three look fantastic, and everything in the middle quilt looks completely intentional, so no worries there!

    You look wonderful and sassy with the grey streaks. I’m pretty sure this year has given us some extra grey that we have definitely earned the hard way.

    Love you lady!


    1. I love, love, the way the middle quilt came out. Now if I could only call the design by the correct name!
      My hair is sooo white on the right side. It was already turning before I started coloring, so that’s no surprise. At least my hair has finally gown out enough to not look as shaggy as it did a month or so ago!
      Love you, too! 💜


  2. Oh they all look great. I love the lazy daisy. It looks so good. It can be to much if you can’t see your thread.

    Oh I’ll have to show you one day then half and half with my head. All the grey is actually one side. When I pull my hair straight back bangs and all it’s a solid line down the center. I can’t remember when I stop coloring but I never did it on a regular basis. My first grey streak came at age 10. So I guess I got over it early 😂 I think it looks good.

    Glad your headache is better.
    Happy Crafting


    1. Thank you! That darn pattern is called Flower Power, but my brain does not want to call it that! I kind of want to do a whole cloth quilt with contrasting thread just to counteract the experience!

      My hair is very similar. The white streak is on the right side, but the other side is definitely catching up. I have never minded the color, it’s the texture that was driving me crazy. It’s definitely getting better now!


      1. Oops Bad 🧠

        Lol that’s one way to do it. I generally avoid high contrast thread unless someone requested it. I like a little bit contrast. Too much and every single spot that your tension slips even a tad shows.

        My texture has been about the same for the last 10 yrs. I basically give up on hair. I’ll buy lots of hats, scarves, or wigs some day 😂


  3. I have to admit, I still think the sparkly silver hair is gorgeous. 🙂

    Oooh! Jurassic Park you say? You’re pulling out all the stops to get me into quilting. 😛

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  4. Good quilting there lady. As for the hair, you’ve got a long way to go to catch up with me. I must say that when I first saw it, I thought of Cruella DeVille’s good twin. Hee hee!!!


  5. Every year I’m convinced that you have set a new world record on how many Linus quilts you can finish. Until the next year. You are amazing! Beautiful work, and it’s so nice to see you still enjoy it so much.
    I’m hoping we’re going to our beach house this weekend, and I have audiobooks and binding. Hopefully.
    i had to color my hair when we quit working at home (a month ago for the first time sine early March). It needs it again. You look great grey. I hope you keep it.


    1. This year has been exceptional for need, and I’m not currently working, so why not use my powers for good, right?!

      Fingers crossed that you get to visit your beach house. I’m sure it’ll be a lovely break!


      1. Our beach house is the place on earth where I sleep the best. Has been since I was born. I just need to make myself bind some of these things and get them in the “done” column.
        Yes, I think those of use who “can” are stepping up this year. The alternative is not an option for us.

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