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TTMT #78 Check In

Wanted to tell you about 2 reading event!

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone is being read by different actors, starting with Daniel Radcliffe.

Just found yesterday the same is happening with James and the Giant Peach. This group is ask for donations to a medical organization.

8 thoughts on “TTMT #78 Check In

  1. Those hexis are interesting! What size needle/hook do you use with a double strand of fingering yarn? I might like to try that. Can you link to the pattern/website?


  2. Lady, I love seeing your face every week! I actually watched last week and then again today because I realized I had not commented yet. The hexis are so sweet. I can believe they are fun to make! The tote for Charlotte is going to be great. I love making bags for the littles in my life. Hope to see you this week. 💜


  3. I know Charlotte is going to love her bag.

    Thanks for the heads-up on the reading events. I listened to the first 6 chapters of HP while sitting at my embroidery machine. It was interesting hearing different readers for each chapter; and sometimes multiple readers in one chapter.


  4. Sarah, love seeing the bag your making. It gave me an idea for a quilt top! I t’s almost like the rail pattern.


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