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TTMT#140-Quick update

6 thoughts on “TTMT#140-Quick update

  1. Oh I’m so glad you had sometime for yourself. I think you need to schedule these times until things are better. You need to have some time for you.

    The needles on long arms are backwards compared to domestics. That and having rounded shaft end that isn’t directional.
    Glad you noticed quickly.

    I saw all of your progress on Facebook with your time. I adore your clover all over. It’s so pretty.

    I hope this week is better and you get more time to sew.

    Take care


  2. Ditto what Jennifer R said. I’m thrilled you got some time downstairs. When I haven’t quilted in a while, I tend to go back to an all over meander. Like a small to medium one. But I totally get what you mean about the straight lines on that pattern. It’s wonderful you were able to finally finish that for her and move it to the next step of being done.

    I hope you got to get some stuff done that you were looking forward to doing. And I hope we get to see you next week too.
    Hang in there!


  3. Glad you were able to get on. Love the classroom quilt. I used to do that at one of my schools They were always a big hit.

    Do. you have a pattern for the bee? I just love it.

    Take care


  4. Hi Sarah! Yes, the school one is so cute. I love the kids’ drawings. The bee pattern is from Whole Circle Studio and I think it’s called bzzzzz.

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  5. Yay for getting to go down to your sewing room and get your groove on! One step closer feels so good.

    I have so much empathy for your having minimal time to yourself because I’ve been in such a similar situation. My mantra is that it will get better. 💜


  6. The straight lines on that pattern are perfect.
    That daycare quilt is awfully cute. What a great idea.
    Still just love those bees behind you.
    Good to see you.


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