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TTMT #71 Infinity & Painting

10 thoughts on “TTMT #71 Infinity & Painting

  1. I love your Infinity soooo much! It’s just perfect. 😍

    Oh man, I’d love to do some diy. The walls look so fresh and clean. Fingers crossed for new furniture soon!

    We’ve been staying home, too. We had two doctor’s appointments last week which was a bit nerve wracking, but had to happen. Stay safe. 💜


  2. The infinity looks fantastic. I am gobsmacked at the fact that you were able to straight line quilt only in the actual design considering it’s essentially one big curve! Was that something you programmed the quilter to do?

    Things are very gradually opening up here. My daughter started back at her retail job last week. She’s still pretty freaked out because of the way people just ignore the common sense guidelines. At least it’s given her a new drive to find a non-retail job she can do while she finishes her schooling. Today restaurants that pass social distancing and sanitizing guidelines can open their patios for dine-in service. Still no indoor. Malls are still closed. So are movie theaters. As well they should be. The husband is still going out to work every day, just like he has throughout. I’m still working from home. I haven’t set foot in the office for over a week. But they are putting guidelines in place that will result in them probably making us move back to the office in a week or to. I’m not excited about it. But hopefully it will take longer for them to make me go back. Other than groceries I’m home.


    1. Thanks
      I use channel locks to keep the lines straight and just stopped at the end of each section. It’s is way easier than it looks.

      I’m completely freaked out up how few people are listening to the recommendations. I wasn’t so bother by them starting to open things up. Businesses can’t survive closed but I am horrified by the basic lack of good social distancing or mask wearing. I went to drop mail off this morning and the parking lots were pretty full in the area. I was again the only weirdo with a mask.
      My oldest is a high risk type one diabetic. He is completely anxious about what’s coming for him. He has been able to completely isolate but not for much longer. It has definitely motivated him to stay in school and not be subject to shitty work conditions of his past jobs.

      What they have opened here seems to be ignoring the “rules” of 25 percent. I saw photos from completely packed bars over the weekend. Wtf! Sigh I’ll get off my pedestal now. Apparently you can’t use science to argue a point.


  3. Love the infinity quilt. Rich designed my wedding band and it has a 3D infinity symbol on it. I’ll have to show him your quilt.

    We are still mostly staying home. Rich has been going to Home Depot, but I finally got him to do the curb side pick up when things really opened up. The pick up and delivery groceries are the best!

    Still love my quilt. I need to clean my cutting table top so I can trim the edges for binding.

    Found another quilt I’d like you to do, but I have to figure out a backing and add a border because there’s no space to put it on the long arm.



    1. Thanks I am very happy with it.

      We are still just doing curbside pick up. Anything I need to buy in person can wait. I used curbside pick up for groceries before this all started. I hate shopping and buy less junk food that way. So it really wasn’t a change for me.

      I’m glad you love the quilt. My daughter and I really enjoyed looking at the different squares looking for the vote for women fabric.


  4. Haven’t listened yet, but have to say: love the infinity quilt! It look really great.

    I have basically been to the grocery store (where I work…) and the gas station since this all started. A lot of things have started reopening here too (it was staggered – my city was hardest hit in my province, so we got held back two weeks compared to everyone else), but like…. I don’t need to wander around Winners or whatever bad enough to actually go haha. I spend enough time wondering if I’m safe at work without introducing myself to extra places where virus might linger.

    We’re kind of at a point right now where there are about 20 or fewer new cases showing up per day and there are less than 100 people in hospital in the province (and under 10 in ICU), so they’ll be doing another wave of reopenings in a couple weeks. It took a noticeable pressure off the grocery stores when they did the first wave, which I assume was just that all the bored people looking for an excuse to escape home went to the malls instead of the grocery stores. It sounds like shopping is pretty dull right now… it’s all lines and only a handful of people let in the stores at any given time and most of the malls only opened one entrance and they have one way loops of foot traffic, so if you go in near Store A but need Store Y, you’re going around the long way.

    Anyway, yes. Infinity quilt is great.


    1. Thanks I really love it.

      I haven’t gone out per my usual but I have let my daughter start seeing her friends. They all where mask and sit in the corners of the driveway. The four of them just desperately need to see humans outside of their homes. So it works pretty well and they are happy.

      Our numbers had been flat but not really going down but after the past week of chaos in America, I suspect they will rise soon.

      Take care


  5. That Infinity is AMAZING! Cute backing.
    Great paint. The grey in my new house is one that leans brown or blue depending on the time of day coming through the windows.
    Great to see you. Sorry I’m behind on these.


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