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TTMT #574 – Graduation Quilt – At Last!

Dear Friends, I can’t tell you how much joy working on this quilt for my son brought me. Even though it’s his undergrad graduation quilt, there are memories going all the way back to middle school through his college journey. This quilt was an honor to make for him.♥

Fabrics used: Andover Constellations (blue) for borders, sashing, & binding. Northcott Cosmic Universe (purple) for the back.

Fabrics used: Andover Constellations (blue) for borders, sashing, & binding. Northcott Cosmic Universe (purple) for the back.



7 thoughts on “TTMT #574 – Graduation Quilt – At Last!

  1. That quilt is fantastic and the quilting is as well. So terrific! I’m sure it is ever so special to him!

    And you can definitely see how much your quilting skills have advanced!


  2. It is such a joy to watch you skill-build. It’s absolutely perfect. I know he’ll cherish it. Wonderful label .
    It’s not a funny story yet. But not graduating will be one day. How many professionals can say they didn’t graduate? It’s going to put a date stamp of 2020 on him for the rest of his life. Something to wear proudly, because the Class of 2020 is resilient and always will be. And you’ve memorialized it for him so lovingly. I’m so very proud to know you.


    1. You really are too sweet. He’s not super fussed right now about not graduating, but it really, really bothered me. Due to a variety of circumstances, only his dad and I attended his high school graduation. Our plan was to fill the house with friends and family this time and then, of course, this happened. Ah well, he’s still got one more graduation to go, so maybe that will be The Big One!


      1. I know how much graduations mean. They always feel like the proof of all those years of work for all of us. But before we know it we’ll be moving on to new celebrations and accomplishments, and forget all about them. I got both undergraduate graduations under my belt, and 1 Masters. Two more on the way. You’ve got a few more yourself. We’ll get over it. It still just kills me that I can’t hug my kids right now. But, again, we’ll get through it.

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