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TTMT #355 – jewells68 – May 26, 2020 – Odds and Ends

Sorry I seem so distracted, but I clocked out from work to film this on my break, and I’m in the middle of a sort of complicated project at work and am clearly having a difficult time focusing on being in my Project Room talking to you all. I should have named this video “Scattered”.

13 thoughts on “TTMT #355 – jewells68 – May 26, 2020 – Odds and Ends

  1. The shelves are so good! I can’t believe how perfectly the ruler stand matches.

    Giant ball of yarn is great!

    It looks like you have a machine binding foot in your bias goodies. I used to work with a lady who swore by hers.


    1. I pretty much bought this set because I could have it in less than a month and pay under 20 bucks, lol. So anything else that comes with it is a total bonus

      I love that ball of yarn.

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  2. The color match is really good. The shelves are really nice and I do love the color!

    I need to make a big ball of jersey yarn. I have a king size jersey sheets with a hole in it. So it’s going into that pile for upcycling. I currently have 4 or 5 mask each for the family. We aren’t loving the fit of the type I have the most. So I’ll slowly start replacing them. I definitely need a big amount for when the kids go back to school. The boys are never gonna wash their stuff enough, so I figure they need more. The rest of us, I’ll get the laundry done here.

    You didn’t look any more distracted than I was in my video but I literally have no reason for it. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Hope you have a good week and stay safe.


    1. I need to fill the holes in the wall and paint the inside wall inside the wall shelves to hide my drill holes from trying to find the wall studs, lol. but I’m just thrilled to have them hung now.

      I really like the t-shirt yarn. It is so soft.

      Yeah that’s my thought. Everyone in the house does their laundry once a week , mostly. So we need enough masks per person to have at least one a day in case we need to leave the house

      I’m so glad that sheet has been turned into yarn. one more thing not in my linen closet, lol.


      1. I can fully expect my boys to go as long as they can hold out on doing laundry. I’ll have to asked them how often they truthfully do laundry.

        Or just fill the shelves and you’ll never see the holes. I admittedly threw a sticker over a hole I made hanging a shelf in a closet. I patched it before we moved. It was a Minion. So saw a cute happy face when I opened the door. Lol

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    1. It really did come with a lot! It was less than $20 US, too. I’m pretty impressed. The case is really flimsy, but I don’t care about that.

      I can’t seem to get outside to paint my drawers to match. And now it’s monsoon season so it’s really muggy for here. That also means isolated thunderstorms, so it may have to wait for a while. So I’m really glad I didn’t wait to hang these shelves any longer. Get ’em up and fill ’em up!


  3. I bought a bias tape maker set when I ran out of elastic. I actually ended up using the largest one the most. I haven’t played with the bias foot yet. I’d be curious to hear if you use yours.
    Loving the color of the shelves and ruler holder.


    1. I think it will be super handy. I don’t know if I’m going to make more masks after the ones that needs straps are finished. I’m about halfway done


  4. Great balls of yarn!! You should have a good long supply of that for a while.

    A matching ruler stand. Look at you all coordinated and looking planned. Impressive! You’ve bee busy getting your nest all ready for the next project.


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