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TTMT #188: Stuff and Things

A thoroughly unedited video about stuff I’ve been working on: masks, zipper pouches, a nine patch quilt, #modernhstbom, #moremodernhstbom, and some other bits and pieces.

10 thoughts on “TTMT #188: Stuff and Things

  1. I’m completely with you on the mask. It’s been a damn task to make what we need. I will make some more for my older boys for when they return to school. I’m 100 💯% sure they will not do laundry frequent enough. So I’ll make extras to deal with that.

    Bottomless scrap boxes. I seem to have those multiplying in my house like gremlins. I do love a scrappy quilts. So I tell myself they will get used.

    I may have done two quilt along a while prepping our house to love. Because why not is right!

    Your zip pouches are really sweet. They do make a nice give a way.

    Take care, stay safe, and I hope to remodeling goes smoothly.


    1. I should probably make more than 2 masks each, but I just can’t talk myself into it. We do have some non-medical surgical style masks and my parents have got some as well, so I think of the fabric ones as more supplementing rather than the only option. Also, my work is providing masks (one per shift per person) so I don’t need to be on top of that either. (We’re allowed to decide if we want to wear them, so far.)

      I used to pretty routinely give away big chunks of my scraps because I love them, but like…. there’s just so many I don’t need all of them! But shipping is too expensive now, so I tend to keep them instead. I guess I need to meet more local sewists who might appreciate them!


  2. I did a big push this weekend and finished all the masks I planned to make. It helped a lot to think that I can use them for DIY or whatever one all this is over.

    I cracked up about your scraps! My method for cleaning them out is giving them all away to new paper piecers… And then starting all over again. Love the greens and blues.

    You have such great pouches. I always enjoy seeing them.

    Happy remodeling. Stay safe. 💜


    1. I think probably it will be useful in the future too if we ever become the type of societies that wear masks if we’ve got a little cold etc. (I think that’s a bit how they’re treated in Asia.. it’s almost kind of a hygiene thing.)

      I used to give away a lot of my scraps too, but now that shipping has gotten so expensive I haven’t done in a long time. The piles just keep growing. (Seriously, I’ve taken two entire fairly large throw quilts out of my blue & green bin and it has made no appreciable dent AT ALL.) I need to meet more local sewists, I suppose. Particularly local sewists who love to scrap quilt haha.


      1. Meeting local sewists would definitely help. Under “normal” circumstances, I know a whole group of ladies who love scraps. I save all my random wofs for a lady from Linus who loves to make string quilts. 😊


  3. I am excited for your new living and sewing space. That will be so nice for you! It is a lot of upheaval though, for sure!

    I’m about to go start a big push to finish all the masks I want to make for now. Phebe needs more for work, and so will I. Ken basically just needs a few at the most. His work has totally disregarding ALL of the restrictions, but thankfully there are less than 10 people working in his cabinet shop and they are all pretty much in their own areas and it’s like a big warehouse kind of place with super high ceilings and big garage style doors that are open all day when the shop is open. That’s how I keep reassuring myself about it anyway.

    Hey absolutely why not start something new. You are supporting those designers with your playing along, even if you only start and finish later. I’m starting to really get the urge so I’m going to plow though these masks and get on with making fun stuff. We need fun stuff to work on, even if it takes us years to finish.Your BoM blocks are looking great, those fabrics are so fresh looking, it’s going to be a beautiful quilt!


    1. It will be very nice when everything is done, though it’s a long way from that right now, haha. They cut a bigger window into the bedroom yesterday and today the electrician is here to get everything wired, I think. (But the bathroom is causing some issues. The shower they installed is too big and the toilet bowl/tank would have to extend into the shower, so basically… free bidet? I was looking at the website of the place they get their supplies and that specific shower is listed under one header as being the size it should be, but then on the dimensions by the size that it is (which is 4 inches wider than it should be!). Frustrating. Anyway, it all smells deliciously of cut wood (I don’t know why that smells so good!) right now, which I’m enjoying regardless of the mess and noise.

      I’ve got pieced most of the last nine masks I hope to make… just need some more twill tape for the ties (I’m being lazy and don’t want to sew my own) and then I can get it over and done with.

      I’m hoping to get at least the first block or two down for the quilt along and then I’ll worry about the rest later, though hopefully it will not turn into project five million that I start but never finish. I’m about half way through the week 1 block right now.


  4. Hi Kristel! What’s wrong with a few more new projects? 🙂 It was getting depressing making all the masks. I needed a change. So not only did I start a project for my son(planned), a quilt for a friend(planned), but I decided to throw in something else this past week with some Tula Pink fabric(unplanned).

    Love the blue/green top. And I can’t wait to see some of the summer sampler blocks! Have fun!


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