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TTMT #61 Darkside and mask

Just keep swimming!!

5 thoughts on “TTMT #61 Darkside and mask

  1. That block looks really great… and that pattern is so big! 20×20! how big is the final quilt layout for that QAL?
    I did the ties for my family’s masks exactly the same way, with a casing for the tie and one long tie. That was before I found the jersey so I used some of my FOE, which has been working pretty well. It’s soft and stretchy too.I do have a pkg of those toggles lying around but I feel like that would not be comfortable on the back of my head. The ones I was making to donate were from a different pattern that the city requested we use for donations. I have just been starting with 6×9 rectangles. I tried the AB mask pattern and it was too hard for me.


  2. So glad to hear so much from you. It didn’t seem like you were just going on and on. It felt like you were sharing what’s happen in you life.

    I can imagine wearing the mask all day would be the pits.

    Your husband sounds like a keeper! It’s great when you work together. I was in the yard with mine this morning. I didn’t work as long as he did, though.

    Take care, Sarah


  3. Oh yes! I saw that at the Vets office the other day. No mask no distancing from most of them. I wears one of two people wearing a mask. It’s so unsettling, I’m not ready for that either.

    Oh that block is AMAZING!
    People will get back to it. A certain percentage of people start the quilt along and stop. I think it’s worse this time because of the mask.
    You did an amazing job on this quilt along!

    I’ll keep my eyes peeled for your blocks in the mail.

    Oh that’s a good idea with that little device. Oh what an awesome guy helping with it! ❤️

    Oof those are long days! But I’m glad there is a positive to the big project. My husband has to wear his all day when he is there. He is one of the few employees that really needs to be there more often than not. It’s a very long time to wear a mask, especially when you are not use to it.

    Hope you have a good week and I’ll be in touch when I get your blocks. 🐠🐟🐠🐟🐠🐟🐠🐟🐠🐟🐠🐟


  4. That block is AMAZING. Wow.

    I feel like the masks fit better with the string like that, for me anyway.. I’m not sure why, but I tried three different tie methods and the long one like that where you only have to tie one loop (and are not using elastic around the ears) is my favourite.


  5. We only go out if we absolutely have to, too. I think I told you my son and I went to Target where his university is located and it was crazy there. We left as quickly as we could.

    Yay for wrapping up your quilt along! The patterns have been so amazing and I know you’ll see people making them for years to come.

    Thanks for sharing your drawstring trick. I need to make some more and was wanting to try to make something similar. I’ve been making the A-B mask but might try the pattern you’ve been using to see how it works for me. I’m thinking I’ll cut up some of the leftover t-shirts from my son’s quilt to see if I like the t-shirt yarn. How awesome that your husband is helping! That’s just great!

    Ramble at us anytime. Sometimes you need to. Hang in there, we’ll get through this! *hugs*


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