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Update on Life….

5 thoughts on “Update on Life….

  1. Do I love a surprise Amber in my feed? Yes, yes, I do!

    I hope you’re contact trial goes well and that your trip is safe and happy. I’ve been out more this week for some unavoidable things and I definitely need to make more masks. Boo!

    Can’t wait for you to share the harlequin tote. 😁

    I wonder if we’ll see more Twilight quilting with the new book coming out… We shall see!



  2. Good to see and hear you! How many of those pointy stars have you made since your local stay at home order started, are you tracking that? It would be fun to get a total.


  3. Oooooo Pointy Cirle happiness happening there!

    I tried contacts last fall and couldn’t get them to work for reading too. So I have some but I don’t use them except for occasionally to swim and such.

    Oh that fabric will be perfect for a tote! I have some Potter fabric I should use for one. Hmmm

    Enjoy your trip. If you are going where I think you are going…Get lots & lots of squeezes from the squishy face ❤️


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