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TTMT #77 D&D and Blankets

5 thoughts on “TTMT #77 D&D and Blankets

  1. Those D&D blocks continue to be cute but oh my gosh, I love that shawl! It’s so pretty!

    I keep joking with my husband that I would get my first high maintenance haircut in years right before it became impossible to get a haircut. It’s a good thing I don’t mind growing it out!

    Hang in there. Big, big hugs! 🤗


  2. Lady you babble as much as you like. We love to hear and see you. You always have so many projects ongoing, and yet seem to making constant progress on them. It’s very encouraging to me.

    I will admit to spending way more time reading than being in the sewing room the last few months. Reading calms me. Reading while prone on the sofa for hours covered in my sleeping cat calms me even more. 😉

    All the projects are looking good. I have not bought any more fabric in the past week, but I admit to doing more shopping, lol.


  3. I love seeing the progress on the blocks. They look amazing. I finally got a haircut last week and decided to go shorter than normal so I would be good for a while. Stay safe.


  4. I love seeing those D&D blocks, They are so good!
    Oh the shawl is going to be gorgeous!
    I thinking everyone is shopping, eating, and drinking more or a combination of all of the above. It’s so darn blah with the day to day of the situation.

    I have your quilt done and I’ll send text about when to meet up.

    Happy Crafting


  5. The D&D blocks continue to be really cool… what a neat pattern.

    You keep so busy with all your different projects… it’s always fun to see what new thing you’ve got to show.


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