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TTMT #573 – Short One

Hello, friends! I turned my fan and dehumidifier off to record today. I don’t want you all worrying that I’m in a hot, stuffy garage when I quilt. With the dehumidifier, it’s actually not bad at all!

My kiddo officially “graduated” on Saturday. There was no ceremony, of course, but we’re proud just the same!

And because I forgot to mention it…I had a bit of a belated mother’s day with a socially distant backyard visit with my beautiful daughter and her awesome boyfriend on Sunday. We all sat in the backyard with the firepit (and fire!) between us and chatted for hours. I missed having hugs, but we’re erring on the side of caution to keep all of our loved ones safe.


12 thoughts on “TTMT #573 – Short One

  1. HI, you look good. It would be great to have my boy home – but he grew up and got his own family! lol. The quilt looks good. It took me years to get Daniel’s made but it was fun to get all his shirts together.

    I have stuff to donate to Texas Children’s Hospital but they are accepting anything right now. I’m glad you all are continuing to deliver blankets. I’m sure all the kids could use the comfort.

    talke care


    1. My boy is pretty much grown and I know this is the end of his really living with us, so I’m enjoying it all I can!

      I appreciate your saying I look good. I’m tired and I’ve gained weight and feel kind of blah, so hearing that made my day. 😊

      Our blanket requests keep going up. We had a large request from a local school district for in transition kids and were still saving camp quilt. We’ll do what we can with what we’ve got!


  2. The quilting on that quilt is just fantastic.

    I know last week was just exhausting and overwhelming. Hopefully next week will be a little more calm.

    Pouncy happened to look up from the perch across the room just as Dipper came on so I made it full screen. Pouncy was FASCINATED watching Dipper. She was very interested in the cat in my computer, lol.


    1. I love the quilting so much and can’t wait to show it off! It has helped a lot to have something positive to focus on.

      I take so much video of my cats, they could have their own channel. I’m glad Pouncy found the Dip entertaining!


  3. The quilt is turning out beautiful! I am glad you are still able to get things done with Linus. I know some places aren’t excepting things right now. Stay safe and enjoy your family being home safe and sound.


    1. Thanks, Jeanie! I finished quilting yesterday and I’m so excited!

      I will admit that I think a lot of the places we’re donating to are setting the blankets aside for a couple of weeks before handing them out. Anything we give out has been in our storage unit and it’s so hot in there, I have a feeling that all the germs have been knocked out anyway! The board members have been leaving things there for each other and then staggering our visits for safety.

      Take care. ♥


  4. Glad the moving is done.. Enjoy your “last” summer with him. Whooo I don’t much want to think about that 😢

    Can’t wait to see the finish. It looks so good so far!

    I think we all have gained weight and feel meh. Between being stuck at home ad emotionally stuffing my face I feel like a blob most days. Definitely making an effort to get outside more these days. Hugs


    1. I keep thinking about the last summer thing! 😭

      The quilt is DONE! I can’t wait to share it next week. I already recorded so he could have it. He seems quite pleased, though it can be hard to tell sometimes!

      My stress level has been higher the year than it has been most of my life. The stress eating struggle is real…


      1. Believe it or not 2019 was worse for by a long shot. I think I was just sort of getting through the worst of that when this started. My reserve for anxiety is definitely very low but I don’t feel the level of glum I did in fall and winter. The eating in come and go for me. I’ll behave for a few days and then completely overeat for days. So trying to be nice to myself and get some balance back. We just got news our summer is liking getting cut short. Middle child’s school is heading back super early. They are dumping fall break and reading days with the intention of the semester ending before Thanksgiving 😦


        1. I do believe it. There are so many things on our plates right now that if we could just get through one or two of them, I feel like it would be a huge relief.

          I had heard school schedules might be shifted. I really hope that helps keep as many people safe as possible. 😦


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