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TTMT #354 – jewells68 – May 19, 2020 – More Random Stuff

In which I talk about online craft shopping, making masks, craftlessness, and Project Linus. I cut out a bunch… like most of my nervous breakdown (you’re welcome!). But I left enough of my description of my current dilemma to try to explain the look on my face.

One. Day. At. A. Time.


13 thoughts on “TTMT #354 – jewells68 – May 19, 2020 – More Random Stuff

  1. I don’t like making masks at all, so I really feel you there. 😕 Hopefully you’ll hear something from Linus soon. I’m guessing knowing they are needed will help light that fire again!

    The money masks for the sales team…I will never not find that funny!

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    1. fortunately I do like chain sewing, so that helped a bit, but yeah, the whole idea of why we need masks in the first place is just so overwhelming to me. I also have decided I need to stop buying stuff OMG. I ordered the stuff for the cat today, but I’m going to be done for a while.

      I almost wish I had enough of that fabric to make them ALL money masks, lol.


  2. I have been using the jersey for the strings on my mask and it works great. I love the EQ8. It was definitely a learning curve but it is so worth it. The mask are perfect😷


  3. Haha Eleanor Rigby

    Retail Therapy works as well as Sew Therapy 😂

    Ugh I wish mask were required here. They are opening up and hardly anyone is wearing them. Which freaks me out. I was out twice this week for misc things we had to do. We look like out of place weirdos with out mask 😷

    Oh the money mask are perfect.

    Oh I think the stress of this is making it hard to feel focused or motivated for a lot of us. I’m taking way longer to do things. I think I was just starting to get my mojo after moving and losing my dad when this happened. 😑 I am trying to be like Dory…Just keep swimming

    Hang in there! ❤️


    1. Seriously sometimes I worry about my brain and remembering stuff. Eleanor Rigby, lol. I drew a total blank. Sheesh.
      I will say this, no one is going to get a ticket or fine or arrested for not wearing a mask. HOWEVER, retail, grocery, etc, are not supposed to let anyone in without a mask. And if someone makes threats or gets violent or what have you? They WILL be arrested. Right now they are mostly relying on peer pressure to enforce the public health order. My daughter just got called back to work at Kohl’s, they are opening to the public on Friday. All employees will be wearing masks and gloves. She went in yesterday for orientation. They are providing one new mask a month and I think 3 pairs of gloves per shift. So I see much more mask making in my future so she’s not having to do way more laundry, lol.

      I think my breakdown yesterday and leaving enough of it in the video to feel like I was sharing was kind of cathartic. Today I hung my green shelves under the window! and straightened up in the Project Room a bit. I am definitely feeling a bit less overwhelmed today.


      1. Well let’s face it… which Eleanor is better. I’m lean towards Rigby but I don’t want to stir the pot or anything 😂

        I definitely have my fair share of brain farts.

        Oh I look forward to seeing the shelves. I love the color you painted them. It’s so cheerful.

        Oh I have had my share of breakdowns. My fight with the treadmill really messed with my head. I use exercise as a form of anxiety relief and the last two weeks I haven’t been able to do it. I have tried the last two days to run and ride bike but I’m concerned I maybe causing more damage. So I’ll probably need to layout a few more weeks. The ankle is just shit still. My knees look like some dragged my down the street.
        Sigh so I’ll try again later.

        Hang in there. This is such a trying time. Sending hugs your way ❤️


  4. Making masks kind of sucks, doesn’t it? At least the money masks are quite fun 😀

    They don’t require masks here, but apparently our provincial government is sending out a supply of them to all the citizens this week, somehow. I don’t know how exactly… by mail, I assume? But like, do they know how many people live in any given house? are they sending one per person? I can’t even remember when the last provincial census was. (Our city does a census every year, though this year has been put on hold.) Ugh. My work also provides them for any staff who want to wear them, but I have not been wearing one at work. Mainly because I work really hard never to be around customers and I constantly am washing and sanitizing my hands, but I probably should get used to doing it. I know I feel better when I see more people wearing them than not.

    Anyway, just want to say to take it easy on yourself about what you’re getting done or not. You’ll get there eventually.


    1. I’m going to have to make a bunch more for my daughter because Kohl’s is opening Friday and she’ll be required to wear one throughout each shift. they are only providing one new mask per month so if she doesn’t want to be doing laundry multiple times a week she’ll need a decent amount. Right now she just has 2.

      I think what bothers me more than not getting things finished is I’m not even feeling like working on anything. That makes me sad. Part of what I cut out had me saying I basically don’t even feel like I’m a quilter anymore. And that’s when I started to cry so I cut that part out. I haven’t worked on piecing or quilting or anything for so long. On the weekend I just curl up on the sofa and read. That’s just what feels good. But getting that off my chest yesterday I think helped a bit.


      1. One mask a month sounds straight ridiculous if they’re requiring they be worn.

        I am going through the same thing in regards to not quilting.. it’s a weird thing where it’s a thing I enjoy doing and it should make me feel better in the middle of all these weird times… but I just can’t talk myself into doing it. I’m trying to let it go because I know it will come back eventually, I’m just not there yet.

        I do think that the desire to create is a thing that waxes and wanes, especially when there are other stresses going on. It should be relaxing, but right now something about it turns it into a chore and I dig in my heels to avoid it.


        1. Yep this describes it exactly.
          Frankly, she may end up only having one shift per week, because she’s not trained on the registers and refuses to be… but there is no telling yet how much she will be working. I would rather make up a dozen for the family for whatever we need. I’m going to need them for work as well.


          1. Better to be over than under-prepared.. I feel like this pandemic has shown that to be true in a million ways. We don’t know how long we’ll need these for and better extras than having to be washing them every night or whatever! (Also, if they get damp through the day, it’s good to have something to swap out and use a fresh one.)


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