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TTMT #60 KH and the new norm

I noticed an error in my haircut when I was making this video, I’ll get that fixed today.

5 thoughts on “TTMT #60 KH and the new norm

  1. Oh my goodness your last video was fine. I think we all get to show up as we are right now.

    I like you Triforce and Mickey Pointer in the background.

    That is a very impressive goal! I think it’s amazing that you are getting that done. I fine mask making to emotionally draining I have trouble doing more than I have to do.
    I love yours that are fun!
    I actually need to make more soon. I do think it’s going to be the standard for a while.

    Shoot me a message I maybe able to help with the embroidery. I completely understand not wanting to cheap machine but not wanting to spend a fortune. I am more than willing to embroider a few things for you.

    Oh my kids miss the teachers and being at school. It’s so hard for everyone. I hope you classroom fills soon!

    Happy Crafting

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  2. I am so glad to be retired now. I KNOW I would hate being away from my kids (students) Since I taught 1st grade the last 10 years, it would be really hard to not be able to hug them.

    I’m really glad everyone in this group feels like they can be themselves and share how they are, especially right now. It’s helpful to me to see others not quite on their game some weeks. I can see that others are feeling like I am too and that we go in and out of different kinds of feelings.

    It’s really great you are making so many masks, I made them for my family.

    Take care

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  3. I want you to know that I think it’s perfectly okay to be a downer sometimes. This has been a downer of a time and sometimes we just have to feel it.

    I’ve had an embroidery only machine since 2015 or so. A couple of years before buying mine, I had worked in a shop that sold them which really helped me figure out what I wanted. Embroidery machines are fun to have, but mine is one of the biggest sewing investments I’ve ever made. I don’t have a super expensive one, it’s a basic, embroidery-only model PE770 by Brother (I think the modern version is PE800). The cost comes in when you need embroidery stabilizer, thread, embroidery designs, and, in my case anyway, embroidery software. I make all of my quilt labels in embroidery software and then stitch them out on my machine. While I really enjoy my, I was absolutely sure I wanted it when I got it and I knew from working in a shop what I was getting in to. I can also tell you honestly that I don’t use it all the time. It goes in fits and bursts and I might not uncover it for 6 months and then use it for two weeks solid. I’m not sure if you meant you wanted to include machine embroidery for your designs on the website or only on your own quilt, but I can tell you now that we can’t share any machine embroidery on the Fandom in Stitches website or FB groups because of copyright laws. Since embroidery can be machine created, there is a different set of rules around it and Disney is especially serious about taking down any Disney-themed machine embroidery. I don’t know if that’s helpful, but if you have any questions that I can answer, I’m more than happy to.

    My jaw just about hit the floor when you said your goal was 1,000 masks. That is truly amazing, especially knowing that you’re working, too. I have no doubt you’ll meet your goal!

    Big hugs, lady! Take care and stay safe.

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  4. I have been taking forever to sew a couple dozen masks because it’s too emotionally upsetting to me. I can’t even imagine making 100, let alone 1000. I think if that’s something you want to do you will definitely accomplish it because from what I have seen you do what you set out to do!

    I was actually planning to buy the Brother PE800 a couple of months ago, but ended up changing my mind and have been using the money I saved for it for other things, like EQ8 and other craft supplies. So I totally get being conflicted. It would be fantastic to have whenever I wanted to use it, but just how often would that be? It’s a significant investment for all the other supplies that you need for it. It’s the same reason I haven’t bought a silhouette or cricut. There are things I want it for, but haven’t convinced myself quite yet to spend the money.

    I have decided that I would rather post a video where I’m not always smiling and cheerful than skip posting like I did a few weeks ago. Recording the video has become almost like group therapy because I’m talking to you all, and I can cut a bunch of it out to make it under 10 minutes while I’m editing.


  5. Wow. That is A LOT of masks. You’re doing incredibly well to be so close to 1000.

    I don’t think you need to worry about having less happy go lucky videos… everybody has rough days and sometimes you need the chance to get it out.


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