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TTMT#138-Can we start over again?

Hi Everyone,

No video this week. I’m ready for a do over for May already.
Between cutting the tip of my finger off, and my mother falling, breaking her shoulder over Mother’s day weekend, I really didn’t have a lot of time in the sewing room.( Which I now desperately need) My mom has since moved in with us for what I hope will be a short period. She’s pretty drugged and tipsy so I don’t like to leave her alone too long.

I did manage to pull together some fabrics and start the cutting for Patrick’s graduation present. He’ll get it when it’s done. And I did finish the 4 coasters for my girlfriends.

Hope you have a crafty week!

7 thoughts on “TTMT#138-Can we start over again?

  1. Oh I’m so sorry about your finger. I hope it is healing well. I’m really sorry to hear about your mom. My mom shattered her upper arm bone a number of years ago. It’s very painful and hard to manage on your own until you’ve healed. I truly hope your week gets better.

    Congratulations to Patrick on his graduation. Exciting stuff!


  2. Oh my, hang in there lady! Don’t cut anything else off! I hope your mother heals well and I am glad that she has you to care for her right now.

    The coasters look fantastic and good luck on Patrick’s quilt. hugs to you!


  3. Thanks Julia! I needed that. I’ve just figured out the magic formula to get her pain under control so we both had a better night sleep last night.


  4. Oh my goodness, I knew about your finger, but not your mom! I’m so sorry about both and hope you both heal quickly.

    I adore the mug rugs (of course!) and will look forward to seeing how Patrick’s quilt goes. Congrats to him from another family of a graduate!


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