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TTMT #70 Trying something new

7 thoughts on “TTMT #70 Trying something new

  1. If that had been me I’d still be in bed, lol. Kudos to you getting up and doing studd with sore knees/legs. Ugh.

    I love love love your “all-over” molecule quilting design. it’s so cool! And definitely perfect for your Geek Out quilt.

    I read that they are calling this Pandemic Brain Fog and it’s a real thing. WE can only process so much change and then we sort of mentally shut down. I’m trying to dig my way out of it right now.


    1. I am so flipping excited about the quilting. I just finished and keep petting it. Lol I’ll send you a photo of the finish. It’s so yummy!

      Oh so think it’s a thing to have mental and physical reactions to the stress of the situation.

      This is the article she posted.

      I think we just need to do our best to be kind to ourselves right now. This isn’t something we’ve prepared for and need time to process/adjust.

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  2. Oh, girl, I feel your pain so much! Your poor legs! It’s been about 13 months since I sprained my ankle and it still swells…blah! Ice and elevate and repeat. I’m glad you were able to use your time constructively and design such a fabulous and PERFECT design for your Geek Out quilt! Seriously, I love it so much!


    1. I have misaligned femurs . So my on going issues are ankles to hips. I’m desperately hoping the ankle isn’t a long term issue. The knees look so horrible right now I’m glad I don’t have to go anywhere. It’s gross but healing. I have decent mobility as long as I behave. I am still petting the quilt as I bind it 🥰

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  3. I’m catching up from being behind and it seems silly to say so now after so long,.. but love the quilting pattern! It look really great.. excellent design (and perfect quilt to put it on!).

    Sorry to hear about the spill.. I hope things are all healed up!


  4. I got PSD when it first came out, and then when our Governor sent us home, I really got into it. I REALLY LOVE IT!
    You didn’t find a design you liked, so you made your own! THAT’S what it’s for! I am so happy for you…because I know how great that feels. I am jumping up and down for you–sorry this is old news for you, but I’m just getting to this video! Woooooohhoooooo!!!!!! And your chemical structures are perfect for it. Way to go.
    After the designing, and the preview, and the simulation and all of that…nothing beats the feeling of seeing YOUR design stitch out on the LA. So happy for you.
    The mental fatigue snuck up on me. I was dealing with everything else…organizing, prioritizing, getting it all done, staying safe, doing my part. Then wham! I just wasn’t expecting it to all be so exhausting.


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