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TTMT #353 – jewells68 – May 12, 2020 – I Can Has More Fabric?

In which I drone on about buying stuff I don’t need and somehow drag this out to just under 10 minutes. I have bought gadgets, I have bought fabrics. I have not MADE anything. But as Scarlett said, “Tomorrow is another day” or some crap like that. Be safe, y’all.

I got the out of print fabric at my friend’s ebay shop. It’s all been pre-washed in free and clear laundry soap. Check out what’s there now at Colson’s Collectibles

12 thoughts on “TTMT #353 – jewells68 – May 12, 2020 – I Can Has More Fabric?

  1. Oh the Jelly Roll Rig looks cool. I’m a bit befuddled to why I don’t have a bias tape maker either.

    Oh I used that Moda Apple Jacks to make my Great Nephew a quilt. It was at least 6 yrs ago. Such cute fabric!

    Oh my god! That tye dye is fabulous!

    Hang in there! Good to see you.
    I hope your craftiness seeps back in soon.


    1. When I first bought a machine I was on a very limited budget and so I had a tendency to buy bags of assorted notions for 3.99 from the thrift stores. I ended up with a TON of bias binding that I barely used any of. Last year during a purge I donate all of it. But the bias tape make is SO FAST. and easy. Just a crazy helpful tool.

      I love that Moda Apple Jacks so much. It’s just happy. Really happy, so I’m glad I bought it even though I have no plan for it.

      The tie dye had me at first sight.SEVEN YARDS. ALL THE TIE DYE. 😉

      Actually made it back to the project room after dinner tonight and chain sewed 26 masks. They are now turned right side out and pressed and ready for pleats. Not sure when THAT will happen, lol. I feel like I probably should have just used solids or tonals but I used these crazy fabrics. Oh well.

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      1. I love crazy prints for mask. Nobody that gets ones from me is getting a tonal!

        I love tye dye. Last week I was thinking it could justify buying a bunch a crap to make more shirts and such. Maybe a tye dye party will have to be in my future.


        1. The governor has asked sewists to make 1,000,000 masks. Some of these are for the national guard that are helping on Navajo Nation. National Guard has requested tan, brown green in solids.I guess they don’t want it to clash with their uniforms, lol. Anyway, HipStitch is also collecting masks for a women’s shelter (one that takes in women leaving abusive home situations either alone or with their children), so mine can go to the Women’s shelter if the National Guard doesn’t want them, or to city food bank workers or what have you. So many needs right now.


          1. I keep hearing about the Navajo Nation. It’s so heartbreaking. They are a community with so much to deal with before this. I like the Woman’s shelter too. All places that desperately need help. ❤️


  2. I totally forgot about my fabric purchase. D’oh! Too much going on, I guess. When you held up the Apple Jack fabric my brain zoomed in on your houses and thought border or quilt back because SO HAPPY! I love that you bought the tie-dye. I pretty much knew it had your name all over it when I saw it, so I’m glad you indulged! G brought his kit home from the tie-dye outfits Jazz Band made, so there will be tie-dye this summer! I have a chunk of white Moda solid that WILL BE DYED! Woo!

    I love how much you love the bias tape maker. It is highly unlikely I’ll run out of bias tape, so I’ll keep going with what I’ve got, but I have t-shirt backs on standby if needed!



    1. Honestly I never thought I would run out of bias tape. I had totally forgotten that on a wild tear I donated it ALL.
      I am really feeling the urge to sew something, anything, but masks, and am going to try to get my depressed self off of the sofa this weekend to get back to the project room. Maybe I’ll tackle the trees for my side by side quilt.

      I am now officially no longer ahead in making quilts for Linus, but since no one is taking them I haven’t worried about it. That being said, I think we are going to hit a crush of requests this summer, so I want to get the rest of all the ones I have ready to quilt… quilted. By the end of June if at all possible.


      1. I gave all of my bias tape away, but the person I gave it to currently lives with me, so that was helpful. Included was a massive roll of 1″ unpressed biased in lime green. I suspect a lot of that will be popping up soon…

        We were a hundred blankets short in the middle and teen size for May. It’s especially stressful for the person counting them. Ehem…


  3. Retail therapy sometimes stands in for crafty therapy, doesn’t it? I rarely mind unless I get too deep into buying, while I’m not also creating. Anyway, I’m a big fan of “do what you need to do for yourself (within reason)” in the middle of bullshit times like these, haha. I’ve been buying too.

    Aren’t the bias tape makers kind of amazing? I have one teeny tiny one and can’t seem to find it, which is very annoying, but nobody local has the good sizes. I guess people have been buying those up too.

    I can’t wait to see your jelly roll rugs… they always look neat and I kind of want to make one, but I’m not sure I actually would, so I haven’t bought any supplies. Maybe someday 😀


    1. My last purchase was for my kitty, not for me, that’s how I justified it, lol. She really needs a new scratching thingy because her favorite one was so old and decrepit and destroyed. SO I got a really big post that a coworker had that I liked. but I also have more bais tape makers being delivered this weekend, lol. I swear I’m not buying anything else this weekend.


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