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Ttmt#69 Happy Cinco de Mayo (on a Tuesday! And the darn world is closed 😭)

9 thoughts on “Ttmt#69 Happy Cinco de Mayo (on a Tuesday! And the darn world is closed 😭)

  1. I love, love that Clover! The design you chose for it is absolutely perfect.

    Oh, yay! I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one who had a social distancing meet-up. I bet it was so nice just to chat with Sarah. ❤️

    My kiddo has his last final on Monday. We have one more trip to finish moving him home and then we wait.

    Takes care, you! *hugs*


    1. It was so nice to see another person! We are thankfully done with his dorm. He went back and moved it all to storage in mid March. I was glad he was able to make that work. It would have been a nightmare to fly out to help with it.

      Crossing fingers his semester starts in the fall. It not graduation will end up delayed. He doesn’t want to take all Chem & labs online. Which is basically all of his classes. So he will likely take fluff classes or a semester off if they are online.

      Hugs to you too. Maybe we will have to do a Linus swap with parking lot coffee in the near future.
      What size camp blankets do they need?


      1. We’ve been doing some juggling since the kid is moving out completely. His housing at the next university is furnished, so we’re trying to give as much away as possible. We’d planned on donating a lot, but everything had already shut down in March, so we shoved as much in my car as we could and left the furniture and some odds and ends. We have zero room for more stuff in our house and we already have a storage unit for S so the less stuff we have, the better!

        As of now, we’re hearing school will start, but who knows? I hope things are better and classes aren’t online because I just don’t think it’s good for their education or mental health. I know it’s not good for their science!

        Camp blankets guidelines are 40″ x 60″ up to 54″ x 70″, but we’ll take bigger if they come in. The kids are all late elementary to high school, so bigger comfort quilts and blankets.

        I’d love a parking lot coffee/swap if we can make it work. ♥


  2. That clover all over is so beautiful, and the quilting is so yummy!
    I don’t blame you at all with your porch hang out. It sounds like you did it the safest way you could and you probably both REALLY needed it.

    Still working from home here. Our state is “working toward” reopening, with a target date of 5/15 for “phase one” but I don’t know. They had to completely shut down one town last week, the mayor asked for help from the gov because people refused to comply. So they shut down all the roads in and out and initiated a curfew. Some toughlove, I guess. but it’s too near the Navajo Nation, which is just getting devastated by this thing, to be so lax. *sigh* I just want this to be over, you know?


    1. Thanks I am very happy with how it turned out. It is silly how exciting it is these days to see a face outside of the family.

      Unfortunately, I think they moved to fast here. I think they should have waited close to June. I think the June infections will tell us whether or not they should have opened up. I desperately want it over but it freaks me out that they try to move to fast with a bunch of people that refuse to take precautions.


      1. I feel like I might have told you that about 50 times, but it does look great! Sometimes I have a hard time figuring out what to do with Tula Pink lines (even though I love a lot of her fabric) but this really came together.


        1. I feel the same about her fabric. I like it but don’t always know what to do with it. Clover all over is good pattern for it. I see the patterns with all her fabric together and love them but in making them I end up feeling like it’s to much while I’m making it. This was a good balance of her fabric with a neutral.


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