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TTMT #571 – May The Fabric Be With You!

birthday goodies from Amber

I neglected to show off the goodies that the ever wonderful Amber sent for my birthday, so there they are, in all their glory! Thank you, sister Amber! ♥


5 thoughts on “TTMT #571 – May The Fabric Be With You!

  1. I am so glad you love your puzzle table. It just seemed like “the thing” this year. Once I got the idea in my head I couldn’t get it out so I finally just did it, lol.

    I love what you did what Susan’s quilt top. It seems like it was meant to be, I agree it’s a great teen quilt.


    1. I LOVE the puzzle table. I’m thinking I’ll make a quilted bag for it at some point. It’s currently wrapped in a towel and under my bed!

      That quilt top was so fun to add borders to. I neglected to mention that I’m planning on black binding. 🙂

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  2. I love the puzzle table. Fabulous idea!

    That AccuQuilt is on that list of things I want to get at some point. I love how fast you can get through all that fabric.

    I agree that top really looked like a teen quilt. It looks lovely with the borders. I’m have only done mitered borders a few times. It’s so rarely worth the effort, but it really looks good on this one.

    I hope you get that fabric soon to finish the Grad quilt.

    Happy Crafting!


    1. The puzzle table is amazing! O cried when I realized it has legs so I can use it after surgery. Oi.

      I love my Accuquilt. I use it so much for my charity quilts. It was a swerve when I started having problems with my. RSI. No regrets!

      Mitered borders… I was bored. Once was enough!

      Fabric is supposed to be here tomorrow!


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