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TTMT 4/29/20: Health update

Best news ever!  It seems the stress test presented a false positive and the cath showed no sign of any blockage!  Color me happy!

Patrick has been out of work for about a month and was having trouble getting his unemployment check.  Today he got the news that he has been approved and will receive the checks as well as a check for the past 4 weeks!  Hooray!!!

Tim has been so worried about Pat and me, that he’s been pretty depresssed. Today is the first day I’ve seen him truly happy for the first time in a month!

4 thoughts on “TTMT 4/29/20: Health update

  1. Oh yay!!! That is fantastic news on ALL fronts!!!!! yay!

    My daughter had a delay on hers and when it finally showed up it was retroavtive to when it was originally supposed to kick in so that was awesome for her, too.

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