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TTMT#137-What’s the buzz?

5 thoughts on “TTMT#137-What’s the buzz?


    Isn’t it true there are so many different quilting gadgets that are really other things quilters have tried and then branded as a quilt notion and doubled the price. One of the reasons Harbor Freight Tools is such a fun place to visit, lol.


  2. Those bees are wonderful. The yellow is perfect. My maiden name starts with a B so my initials are SBD. Years ago I was making a needlepoint pillow that was to have initials and I wanted the B but there wasn’t space for the letter. The design had a bee in it so I put a bee in the middle of the SD. That was the beginning of my love of all things ‘bee’

    I find weeding out books, magazines, and patterns to be freeing!

    Have a good week.


  3. Oh the Bees are fantastic! I really love those.

    I have been sort of waiting on new furniture to really organize my craft area. I did a far out of weeding before the move but I’m sure I could still do more. I did realize last week that I desperately need to print out and organize my long arm patterns. I had to weed through the folders looking for the Christmas themes I had. I knew I had a fair amount but should really have them in binders to show people.

    The mug rugs are sweet. This is a weird time for everyone. It’s hard to not be around our friends or just anyone outside of the house for that matter.

    I second Harbor Freight . A lot of things seem to double in price when it’s labeled for a hobbyist.
    I love my wool mat. Definitely don’t steam I’m it. I think it presses so nicely.

    Happy Crafty!


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