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TTMT#136-Fabric, glorious fabric!

4 thoughts on “TTMT#136-Fabric, glorious fabric!

  1. I have a clover rotary cutter that I bought when I first got started trying to quilt. When I switched to the olfa ergonomic safety cutters I kept that clover one for paper and have been using it for that for years. It is nice to have one that is just for paper.

    I’m not a Kaffe Fasset fabric fan, but I do love batiks and those are pretty cute. I like those a lot.

    The clover all over looks so fun and bright! and the daycare quilt is going to be so adorable.
    You seem to be feeling even better this week. I’m so glad you are taking time to have some fun and make stuff just for you.


  2. I also use old blades on a separate rotary cutter for paper. It’s something I would share with my classes when I was teaching. It’s a great tip!

    It’s yours clover all over, you do what pleases you! I love how versatile the pattern has been for so many people.

    Fun fabrics! Sometimes a fabric treat is just what you need!


  3. Sorry for being a terrible enabler πŸ˜”

    Yummy fabrics! I think Tiddlywinks are my favorite.

    I love Threaded Lines! Just great selections and prices.

    Good for you on all those mask! I wish I could be motivated to make more.

    I really love your Clover All Over. It will look fabulous with or without the sashing.

    Ugh I hope it warms up soon.

    Stay Safe and Crafty!


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