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Ttmt #68 April Something 😉

5 thoughts on “Ttmt #68 April Something 😉

  1. I have made a single mask for each of us three, but I should probably make at least one more for each of us. They technically aren’t required but are recommended when you go out for anything. When I went to the store last Friday the ratio was about 60% with, 40 % without, so the amount of people actually wearing them is increasing. My daughter and I wear them, but Ken’s allergies are currently the worst he has had in years and he just can’t barely breathe anyway, so he hasn’t been, but he said last night he might start next time because he doesn’t want anyone thinking he’s making some sort of political statement by not wearing it. He wants a tee that says “I just have really bad allergies right now”, lol.


    1. I wasn’t getting anything else done because I felt like the stupid mask were hanging over my head. So I at least now feel like I have what we need in particular if someone in the house gets sick. My husband wears N95s or half face respirators at work. The rest of use have not been out in a store or public place (not counting walks or runs) for anything until yesterday. My sons had a doctors appointment we couldn’t avoid. For the time being we don’t really need them but I feel less stressed now that they are done. My daughter was getting shit at school from allergies before they closed. She couldn’t convince people it was just allergies. I don’t blame him for not wanting to get crap from people. Quite insane that wearing a face mask has become political for some dipshits.


  2. Ahhh… you did get the masks done. Now it’s just me still holding out on it haha.. I did get the fabric prewashed, but ugh ugh ugh just can’t seem to make myself do it. And now this shooting in Nova Scotia happened and I kind of want to make a quilt for that because I lived there for a couple years (not really where it happened, but it’s a small place, so not that far away either) so I’ve got another excuse not to do the masks. (The quilt, I don’t know. I don’t like to ever make promises on that sort of thing because I’m really bad at finishing things, if only it would quilt itself!) Maybe on the weekend I’ll do a few masks. How do you find they fit? Do they seem to gape open at the sides? I’m seeing tons more shoppers wearing homemade masks in the last few days, but so many people have them pulled down below their nose, rendering them fairly useless.


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