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TTMT #569 – Something for the Boy

This is the one in which I’m tired but there is a new project AND kittens at the end. ♥


8 thoughts on “TTMT #569 – Something for the Boy

  1. I’m so glad you found a software that let you design a logo you liked. And I’m sure you will do more cool stuff with it in the future! The t-shirt quilt is going to be fantastic, I’m sure he will absolutely love it.

    That sounds like a good way to hand the blanket sorting. I’m glad Eli was able to help you. I love when you film in your quilting “studio” because of the fantastic stuff behind you. 🙂


    1. The software has been on my radar for ages, I just needed the excuse! I will admit that it has been super fun to play with!

      I love my wall, too! I’ve been toying with the idea of changing the quilts. 😊


  2. I was super glad to hear your review of the software. It’s definitely on the list for future purchases. The logo looks so good. I have Sew Art for digitizing too. It is very hit or miss. The miss is normally way too dense. My main software was Embird. Maybe it’s my dislike of Windows or software itself, but I have never bounded with it. I can use it but don’t like it at all.

    The fabric s really perfect for the quilt. I’m glad you were able to find more of it.

    Glad you were able to get everything collected and sorted for Linus with the help of PBF.

    Omg Baby Beans are so flipping cute!

    Stay Safe and Sending lots of hugs 🤗


    1. There’s a demo version, too. Because I am an enabler:

      I tried a couple of different software packages back when I worked in a store that sold embroidery software. What I remembered, again and again, were customers who loved their Embrilliance and that it didn’t cost an arm and a leg or require hours of classes to start using.

      I couldn’t resist sharing the baby beans! 🙂

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  3. The quilt is going to look great! Glad you were able to find more of the star fabric… I think it came out just long enough ago that it’s not so easy to find now. (Also, the designer had a not great selling line before that one and I think a lot of shops didn’t bring it in because they were still trying to offload the previous one.) I love those constellation prints though… so lovely!


    1. Since I stopped working in a shop, I know very little about different designers. Lines have never really been my thing, with the exception of Stonehenge! I tend to buy what catches my eye and it does occasionally bite me in the ass!


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