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TTMT #58 KH week 13 and gaming

No sewing this week. Just a bit of gaming.

4 thoughts on “TTMT #58 KH week 13 and gaming

  1. I love all of your KH blocks. So well done!!!

    I think right now if you get sucked into that is entertaining it’s a good thing. I think a lot of us aren’t getting much done despite the “extra” time.

    Stay Safe & Crafty!


  2. As my kid says, sometimes you just have to play a game. Life demands it!

    I love the Heartless heart, it came out so well! I’m a big fan of that black fabric. I have it in several colors.

    I maaaaay have an Organization XIII. A certain person is currently living in my sewing room, so I’ll have to see if I can unearth the blocks you sent the next time I’m in there!


  3. You blocks look great, I love the sparkly fabric! I think I still have some of that orange and the black in my sparkly fabric bin.

    Hey if you felt like playing a game, play a game. My work at home tasks generally require me to be near my work software and my work email, so I am doing some hand embroidery that I can keep next to me while I’m working so I can take the occasional break from all the screens.


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