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TTMT #74 Sharing Projects from Sewing Room

4 thoughts on “TTMT #74 Sharing Projects from Sewing Room

    1. I don’t know how you can work on so many projects at once. I have a hard enough time working on one, lol. That’s why I have so many ufos around here.

      The shawl is beautiful! I tried to pick up my dpns the other day and knit Jennifer some birthday socks but the muscle memory seems to have left me. I was a mess and finally just put it all away. I’ll have to come up with a different birthday plan.

      I am working from home, my daughter is furloughed by finally started receiving her unemployment just in time to pay some bills, and my hubby is still going to the cabinet workshop every day as Construction contractors were deemed essential businesses here. Fortunately it’s a small shop so he would know right away if someone were sick.

      You just keep up all those crafty projects! We’ll all get through this together, my friend. I posted today and I didn’t even have anything to show you all. But I feel it’s important for us to check in with each other every week if we can.


  1. I also got the message that Jewells mentioned, but it does work if you go over to YouTube to watch.

    That Dungeons and Dragons knitted thing is really neat.. I don’t know a lot about D&D at all, but they look super impressive.

    The temperature blanket does look really neat. I keep thinking I’d like to make one one of these years, but I kind of want to make one side the temperatures the year I was born and the other the temps in some big birthday year… I don’t know. I haven’t decided, I have too many projects anyway, haha.

    Love that crochet-a-long block! It looks really neat, way more creative than I ever learned to be when I was learning crochet.


  2. I’m D&D adjacent…everyone in my family plays and most of my friends play but I do not! The blocks look great. Everything I know I’ve learned by osmosis!

    Oh, wow, the prayer shawl is very big, but I do love the colors! The texture is lovely.

    Enjoy your new crochet alongs! That is going to be a wild jacket! I’m tired just looking at all of your new projects!

    I loved seeing you in your sewing room.

    I think we’re all struggling right now. Staying home is hard, but I agree with you about shelter in place. Love you, too, lady! Take care! ❀


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