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TTMT #67 Waving Hi 👋🏻

The sales are live on their Facebook page.

7 thoughts on “TTMT #67 Waving Hi 👋🏻

  1. Your clover allover is fantastic. I’m back in a crafty quicksand right now, not able to get myself to do anything and the room is a disaster and ugh. I need to clean up and maybe load a quilt on the frame, that might be easier than piecing one right now, I don’t know. It’s hard to make myself finish them when I know they aren’t going anywhere until May at the earliest, probably more like June. I feel like I’m in a holding pattern… like LIFE is in a holding pattern.

    That bright fabric is so cool. The zig zag especially is really terrific. That would be great as a backing or a strip in the middle of a backing and then binding. Really cool fabric.


    1. Thanks I’m happy with it. I think the pattern lends itself well to some many fabrics. I’m just trying to do something I feel productive about everyday. I haven’t skipped my workouts which is good since I’m spending way to much time eating.
      I’m normally someone that does pretty good about throwing myself into a project and ignoring the world. This is just a very deep meh for me. I’m not depressed just zero shits to give for motivation.
      I think having goals with dates attached to them is helpful for me and I don’t have those right now. Or I do but they are so far out or in question about occurring that I’m lacking drive to get to them. Focused on one foot in front of the other for the time being.

      I love the fabric I got. It was like 6 to 8 dollars a week and for her sale. It’s so fun I think I’ll love it in anything I do with it.


  2. Your Clovers are sooooo pretty. It’s not even “my” style of fabric, but I love how it looks!

    I’m also feeling quite scattered. I keep stopping what I’m doing to cook. I think it’s the southern girl in me who needs to feed people when stressed. The household doesn’t mind, but it does rather cut into the rest of my time!

    Pretty, pretty fabric! I really like the zigzag ones! I just see crazy binding made out of that. LOVE.

    We’ve been leaving our mail in the garage for a few days before we open it. It’s weird, but it makes us feel better.

    I hope your family in New York will be okay. I find myself worried about so many people and it’s hard to turn off.


    1. Thanks. It’s a pattern that works great for endless styles of fabrics. If you didn’t already know that. 😉 This one is just very bright and happy feeling to me.

      Oh the cooking is killing me! I feel like it’s all I or Sophia do as of late. The boys aren’t complaining but we may all need to new sizes by the end of this if we don’t reign it in soon 🙄 I think cooking gives a sense of being able to do something useful to care for others in such an out of control situation.

      I’m really just trying to make sure I’m doing something productive everyday. Right now I have manage to workout everyday.
      So I’m good with that. Everyone in the house is sort of meh. The kids thankfully have a schedule with school they need to keep. Honestly I think it is keeping them sane.

      I generally dumb every time at the front door (hence massive Costco dump photo today 🤣) and then don’t touch for 72 hrs. I sanitized the crap out of her plaque box before opening it. Because of my own medical stuff I have always been a bit paranoid around sick people or in public. This is a whole new level of it.

      I haven’t actually set foot into any public place since early March. I think the lab work may have been my last outing. I am hyper focused on cleaning everything that comes in or letting it wait on the virus viability period.

      I worry about the RN. She is working on ICU and Step down units. So scary. I think or at least I want to believe the rest of the family is isolating well. My family originates from NY. So many of them are in the general area. My need to believe they are behaving is keeping me sane.

      I hope you are hanging in there. Lots of yummy food and puzzle time. Hugs


  3. Man! All those Kaffes! That’s my happy place, among my KF collection.
    What was the name again of the quilt shop? I wonder if she ships. You can’t beat that price!


  4. The Tula Clover All Over looks really sweet, which is rarely an adjective I associate with Tula… I guess the background calms those colours down a lot, haha. It look great, at any rate.

    I don’t always love kaffe fassett very much, but these are really fun ones. Less intense than some of the big florals and stuff, but still very colourful. Very nice.


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