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TTMT #568 – A Little Sunshine

In which I talk a little bit about several different things, a good deal of the time with the sun in my face. It’s a beautiful cool day here today and my family is safe and healthy, so I have zero complaints. LOTS of love to you, my TTMT family!


11 thoughts on “TTMT #568 – A Little Sunshine

  1. I’ve already told you the seuss quilt and the orange one on the end are my faves. I love how much difference it made taking that top apart and adding all the sashing. It’s gorgeous!

    Of course you are proud of Gareth! We all are! I fell like it’s got to be rare to know what you want to do all your life. I am 51 and I STILL don’t know. I’m sure you will put together a fun quilt for him to take to grad school.


    1. He bounced around a bit in high school, but he always came back to astronomy and physics. And jazz. As long as there is music to play, the kid will be fine!

      I’m really trying to remember to show my process with orphan blocks more. A lot of my thought process just happens, but if I take photos, it’s easier to show later!


  2. Oh love the orange one on the end. They all look great and anything Seuss makes me happy.

    Such great news for Gareth! Super exciting for him. Having a astronomy & physics obsessed nerd of my own, I love this news so much! Starting around 18 months old, Ben would make Bob go outside to say goodnight to the moon and stars every night. I get the passion it brings. Bravo πŸ‘πŸ»

    Hugs to you and yours


          1. Lol Ben made his teacher complete irate in 2nd grade. He walked into the meet the teacher day and told her the planet display was incorrect. He politely told her about Pluto and let her know he wasn’t sure if he thought they made the right decision. I have never seen a teacher more pissed off at a 6 yr old in my life. Her face was raging red before we left. I knew we were in for a rough year πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ


  3. Orange quilt is awesome, You know what else is awesome? Skipping straight over the unnecessary Masters and going right to the Phd!!! Holy beans lady, parenting skillz, you haz them. πŸ™‚ Congrats to Gareth!


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