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TTMT #350 – jewells68 – April 14, 2020 – A Short One

In which I show off a new pillowcase and talk for WAY less time than my last video, you’re welcome, lol.


8 thoughts on “TTMT #350 – jewells68 – April 14, 2020 – A Short One

  1. Has it really been ten years since your surgery? Oi, we are getting old!!

    I adore that owl fabric. I swear I used to have it in brown! My brain says I used it in my sister’s PoD, but I don’t know for sure. I was cracking up at your comment about why you washed the pillow. 😂 We are human indeed.


    1. This summer will be 8 years, I just checked. It was the June or July after my niece Sarah’s wedding, which was October 2011. Just a year before mom’s stroke! (the surgery I mean). I was still in PT when Sarah had her first child, so you quilted and bound his quilt for me.

      I have accumulated a pretty good size collection of owl fabric. I decided it was time to use some up! And I love this too, I think it was a remnant I bought somewhere, so this used up most of the entire bit.

      Also I got some fantastic sleep last night after washing all the sheets and pillowcases. So good.


      1. I’ve been thinking about that owl fabric all day and finally remembered we carried it at Honey Bee when I was working there, and that was ten years ago. Time, it flies!

        YAY for good sleep, that’s completely awesome!


  2. An extra house for the back or an orphan for a future orphan block retreat?

    Cute pillowcase. Those owls are adorable. I sleep with a pillow the same way to try and prevent my hands from going numb. Not sure it’s helping but I try.

    Good to see you! Happy Crafting & stay safe!


    1. I have been hoarding that remnant of owl fabric for YEARS. Time it became something! It can help prevent numbness for my left hand due to my wrist issues, but I find my brace works better for that.

      Same to you!

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    1. It’s a fantastic fabric I have been saving for “something” for years, I think I made a book for Phebe’s PoD from a piece I cut out very carefully. But the time has come to use these “special” fabrics instead of hoarding them for later days. Especially since I have been buying fabric lately, lol


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