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TTMT #57 KH and Mask

Hoping everyone a is staying safe and crafty!

5 thoughts on “TTMT #57 KH and Mask

  1. My husband said the same thing about working at home. He has a study, but it’s where he usually works on personal projects and takes online classes and now he’s there all day. It’s harder to be “off” when you’re always at work!

    I made masks just for family. While I did try to use cute fabric, I found the process emotionally overwhelming and made my boundary family only. We’re donating what we can locally and trying to help in other ways instead.

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  2. I’ve been hearing that a lot from friends—that working at home just feels “off” and finding the right space and setup is tough. I’ve been working from home for several years now so this time hasn’t been as hard on me. I’m hoping it begins to gel for you soon.

    I honestly haven’t been able to make myself sew masks like it seems the rest of the sewing world is doing. Trying to contribute to my community in other ways but for some reason am finding it too hard to do it via sewing. But love the look of those masks you’ve been making!

    Stay safe!

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  3. I have a hard time not being too available to coworkers now that I’m working from home. I tend to start checking my work email before and also after my official work hours because I don’t want to cause a delay or prevent someone making a sale. It’s hard to get all the lines drawn. And to get my space set up to where it’s workable for work, but still usable for personal as well.

    I have made 3 masks, 4 if you count my first try that I threw away. One for each member of my family. I just can’t bring myself to turn into a mask-making factory on top of a full time job. It’s not like I’m cranking out quilts either, I had just gotten my sewjo moving again when this crisis hit and now I’m back into treading water again, not really accomplishing much craftwise. I find myself needing more sleep and reading a lot instead.


  4. I love that KH block. It’s so cool looking.

    I haven’t really made mask yet. I only have one test one done. I know I need to be making them for us.

    It’s hard to work from home so suddenly. You’ll get there.

    Stay safe!


  5. Ha Ha – Di I miss – you have an alternative poster!! Are you in quarnatine from the camera!! LOL – Love the Fandom Quilt on the chair!!!+ Honest – I pay attention!!! LOL


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