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3 thoughts on “TTMT#133-Masks…

  1. You are still working and don’t need to exhaust yourself and lower your immunity by stressing about making everyone masks. Take care of your yourself, your family and loved ones if you feel the internal pull to do so, and then if you feel like making them to donate, you can do that too, but you can’t carry the burden of masking everyone. We care about you and want you to do your best to stay healthy, and stress really wears you down. Give yourself permission to rest and sew something fun, that’s not mask-related.


    1. THIS, what Jewells said! I’m watching a lot of my crafty friends burn themselves out making masks that they don’t want to make or that they are tired of making. It’s absolutely okay to say no or to say you’re done when you’re done. Do what you can but also take care of yourself. I can hear the stress and weight of the world in your voice. Please, please take care of yourself. ❀


  2. Oh my! 100 masks! Good for you. It’s great so many people are. I’ve made 4 for Rich and I and 4 for my SIL and her daughter and will make 4 for my kids. That’s way too many for me. Not really enjoying it. It was in the high 80’s today. We didn’t really have winter and now you might have snow. That’s amazing.
    Take care.


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