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TTMT #567 – Squirrel Chat

In which I chat about a couple of recent finishes and about what I’m doing to keep myself positive and busy.  Take good care and keep well, my friends!


9 thoughts on “TTMT #567 – Squirrel Chat

  1. It makes me so happy to hear you and see you. *glomps*
    The quilt is fantastic, that backing was just perfect, and I love the stripey look to the binding.
    You know we are about on the same page with the masks. Some people can and are donating hundreds. It’s not my forte and I don’t like doing things badly. I would hate to feel responsible for someone else’s health (outside my family of course). I just can’t take that weight on my back. We can’t do it all.


    1. *glomps back*

      And I am happy to be here! I’m not sure if I would know what day it was if it wasn’t for Tuesdays!

      You’re absolutely right, we can’t do it all. I feel very strongly that we should do what we can and try not to fret too much over the rest.


  2. Love the paper doll pattern. Is that yours? If not, can you tell me where it is? Also, love the border on your blanket. Can you put in writing what you showed us? I’m not sure I understood. Also, I’m going to have to make my next granny as a mitered square. That looks fun. Are you going back and forth or are you cutting it off on each round?
    BTW, Rich can’t stand squirrels. They are trying to chew their way into our attic. They are in the one place NO ONE can reach. He’s finally bought an Air Horn to blast when they start to chew! He hasn’t done it yet but I’m sure I will know when he does!!

    Take care


    1. Hi, Sarah,

      The paper doll patterns were orphan blocks that I received in the mail from @palygirl
      on Instagram. I’m pretty sure she told me she received them from someone else. Sorry, I can’t help more with that!

      For the crochet border:
      1 sc in the first dc of the 3 dc cluster, ch1, skip the middle dc, sc in the next dc, ch 1, sc in the first dc of the next cluster, and so on. I treat the corners like a 3 dc cluster. For the next row, increase to ch 2, and then ch 3 for the third row.

      It’s not a pattern I’ve ever written out, just something I figured out for myself. I hope that helps!

      For the mitered granny, I’m going back and forth and only cutting when I change colors.

      We’ve had so many squirrel problems over the years. They have stolen or destroyed all kinds of things out of our backyard which is why most of our furniture is metal or stays in the garage when we aren’t using it. They once chewed through and took almost an entire hammock! They even tried to drag my kiddos’ swing away, but they couldn’t quite manage it. I can very much understand Rich’s feelings!


  3. Watcha doing in my yard ? 🐿

    Just realized I barely watched any videos last week. Cute finishes. I like that edge finish.

    I agree on the mask. I have really struggled on this. I made one to test and haven’t don’t any since. I find it overwhelming that I am making them with kills my motivation to make anymore. I do know we need to have them in the event we need to be out. Or in the event that one of us gets ill to keep others in the house safe. I don’t want anyone thinking I’m selling them either. I will only be making them for family.

    Hugs 🤗


    1. The mask I made for myself doesn’t fit great (it’s too big and slides up my nose), but I haven’t been able to bring myself to do anything about it just yet. It needs to be washed again (Linus blanket sorting today!) and then maaaaybe? I don’t know. I might just make a different one. I did donate some money to a local sewist who has been making them by the dozens for our local hospitals. She was using all her own supplies and was in the hundreds of masks already!


      1. So the first one I made was to big and I had to tuck the chin to much. I ended up using a template from hand quilter to make them. I used a rubberized paperclip to clamp around the nose. I think these are good size for all use. I’m using the fabric ties and the non woven stabilizer. I ran out of stabilizer but will end up with 16 mask when I finish the ties. I have only finished two because my motivation is crap.
        My middle one has an appointment on Monday so I had to finish something.

        I am willing to donate money or supplies to others making them for people in the front lines, but I just can’t make them in larger quantities.


        1. Oh, I saw the Handiquilter template, that seems like a decent way to go! I made the A-B mask that was on Instructables. It was designed by a nurse and works okay, it’s just kind of big on me. My big guy had no problems with it, so apparently being a Viking helps for a better fit! A local store has taken several tutorials and created one coherent tutorial, so I might try it instead. I’ve got a crap ton of votives and was thinking to use the aluminum case to make an adjustable nose piece. I definitely need something to keep it from sliding up and (of course!!) I donated my plethora of pipe cleaners just a couple of months ago!


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