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TTMT #349 – jewells68 – April 7, 2020 – Can’t See the Trees for the Houses

In which I ramble about my version in progress of the current Project Linus “Side by Side” Quiltalong, supporting my favorite local quilt shop, and what I bought from them last week. Oh, and the colorful solids I bought are apparently from Paintbrush Studios not Moda (the black was Moda). The colors I showed you are Aruba, Lipstick, and Gingery.

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7 thoughts on “TTMT #349 – jewells68 – April 7, 2020 – Can’t See the Trees for the Houses

  1. The houses look so good! I am absolutely sure I have some of the same rock and wood fabric. I love them. Very I spy with all the different fabrics!

    I don’t own a color wheel for quilting, but I kind of have one in my brain. Using that college minor! The wall hanging is going to be fantastic. Love those precuts!

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    1. I spy was exactly what I had in mind. The quilt design includes sashing and spacing of the trees around the houses, so I spy was what I was hoping for.

      I don’t own a color wheel at all, and never took any art classes after 6th grade, so I know very little about color theory, usually I just wing it, lol. A lot of the time I’m pleased with the result, but sometimes I’m not and sometimes it takes me way too long to decide on colors, so I thought this could help with that. And it’ll look cute on the wall!


  2. The houses look so great with the stones, etc. Also that color wheel looks like fun. (No, Sarah, you don’t need one.) Also, there are some good videos about color on YouTube by Just Get it Done- They were helpful to me. I enjoy watching her. Hugs!

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    1. I enjoy her videos, too! I like then when she talks about something she’s doing, she doesn’t claim to have invented it, she just says she assumes she’s not the first person to think of this, but “this helps me, so I thought it might help you,too”, and shares the way she does it. That’s actually what made me want a color wheel to have on hand, but I hadn’t bought one yet, and then I saw this kit and I was like “bingo”!


  3. Well those are fun! I love scrappy quilts like this. You can incorporate so many fun fabrics.
    Who did you say was doing this particular quilt along?

    Oh nice! I that’s a pretty color way to have a color wheel. I’m trying to do the same thing with the small shops. I have bought their sales but also just full price stuff I like as well. Mine too was like the very next day I had my stuff.

    Stay healthy, Hugs


    1. It’s a Project Linus quiltalong. I just sent you a message on FB to the “reveal” of the finished quilt (or an example anyway). It’s $10. I really like how scrap-friendly it is. All they ask is that you don’t post photos of the pattern or the block on top of a cutting mat or anything that might give stuff away. But design wall photos are fine, just nothing with measurements. If you decide to join and don’t have a local chapter you want to to mention in your donation, you can mention mine. 😉 Bernalillo County NM.

      I wish I could get myself to work on something. I might do something small like the color wheel panel.

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