TTMT Video

TTMT #56 Wohoo! I made a video!

I thought about editing a video, but I thought it would take too long. So here it is… bloopers and all.

Face Mask Pattern

T-Shirt Yarn

5 thoughts on “TTMT #56 Wohoo! I made a video!

  1. I’m really looking forward to seeing the cathedral one done, it’s going to be so awesome. And I bet if you switched to a denim needle your machine would go through that thick fabric like butter. Your machine is a semi-industrial, it’s got the power, so with the right needle it can do whatever fabric you need. Lengthen your stitch a bit and go slowly. Maybe try it on a test swatch of multiple layers of the same fabrics.

    The Kingdom Hearts blocks look great, have you seena jump in participation since the stay at home orders started cropping up all over?


  2. I can’t imagine how crazy it’s been trying to convert to online. I have been telling my kids to have patience with their teachers. This transition is hard on y’all. It’s crazy to have to completely change how things are done almost over night.

    Oh my goodness I can’t wait to see that Cathedral Window. That’s a big quilt and it’s really must weight a ton! Kudos to you for hand quilting it. That’s a big undertaking.

    I love your Kingdom Hearts blocks. I don’t know about in person but on the video the contrast between the fabrics on the shield seemed fine. I hope you have more people working on it with so many stay at home orders.

    I haven’t made maps yet. I guess I was torn given the Information coming out on whether they help or not. But at this point I’m probably going to make some.

    Take care and good to see you!


  3. That is a lot of show and tell for someone who has been so busy! It’s good to see you having a chance to sew again!

    I’m just in love with your cathedral window quilt, it is so beautiful and I’m sure it’ll be even more amazing with hand quilting!

    I almost panicked when you accidentally mixed up the shield names because I thought I’d put them on the website wrong! I actually said “whew!” when you corrected yourself.

    Your masks look really good. I like how much thought you’re putting into the process.

    Takes care of yourself! 💜


  4. I can’t imagine the struggle everyone has been through trying to convert to online teaching! I hope you managed to get at least a day off!

    That cathedral window is just going to be so magnificent when it’s done. Can’t wait to see it!

    Baby Yoda is super cute!

    You’ve been busy all around lately, so many things to show despite being so busy at work.


  5. Hi! I’m trying to catch up a bit and actually comment after ages. That cathedral window is so gorgeous!

    I never got into Kingdom Hearts particularly but wow are those patterns wonderful looking—so precise and fun and cool. Really love them.

    Thank you for showing the Baby Yoda you found. One of my best friends is baby Yoda obsessed so I’m going to look for that one for sure.

    Glad you and yours are safe and healthy so far.


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