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TTMT #348 – jewells68 – April 1, 2020 – That’s 3 Quilts My Friends, Blowing in the Wind…

Sorry about the crappy sound but I’m outside. I am just thrilled the neighbor quit using his power tools right as I started filming. And the the dog forgot I was there until the end. But finally, here’s those three quilts I was meant to turn in to Project Linus in March, before the meeting got cancelled. At least I got to go outside and enjoy the beautiful day today!

Meet the back of my pink house.

7 thoughts on “TTMT #348 – jewells68 – April 1, 2020 – That’s 3 Quilts My Friends, Blowing in the Wind…

  1. Omf, neighbor dog, why so loud?! 😂

    It really is a beautiful day, I’m glad you recorded outside.

    Yay for all of your finishes! I anticipate the need will be great when this is over. Kids are facing so much fall out from this epidemic. 😕 On that note, donate that quilt! The back is so cheerful and whatever kiddo receives it will see that first. ❤️


    1. That dog is like “hey what are you doing somewhat near my back yard. If I can see you you are too close!” Maybe he sensed the cats on the back of the middle quilt, lol.

      Yeah I’m just going to donate it. It’s a busy all over print with peanuts characters. They happen to also have baskets of eggs. I don’t think it matters.

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  2. Yay for beautiful weather! I think we all need some pretty days to get some fresh air and sun.

    Oh I have a loud dog. She has gotten better about not singing the sound of her people to the neighbors in the backyard. She generally is my chatty to people in the front of the house. Hope next time Sir Barks a lot isn’t outside.

    I love your finishes. I think you could give the first one any time of year. I have a fondness for anything Snoopy. So eggs or not it works

    Good to see you! Stay healthy


    1. I think next time I film back there I need a hat. It’s being on the surface of the sun. Our back yard is the west side of the house.My face got a little pink yesterday even with spf30 on my face. But damn that weather was nice, at least until the cloud cover rolled in a few hours later and the wind got pretty insane.

      Sir Barks a lot (and usually his bff) is almost ALWAYS outside, which is why we rarely go back there. Which is why it needs some serious work back there. We have decided it would be nice to be able to enjoy our giant back yard though, so the time has come to roll up our sleeves and get to work.

      I agree, I’m donating it regardless of the month. It’s full of peanuts characters and bright colors.


      1. Oh that sucks. I hate bark collars but I had one for my dog when she was younger. I put it on her maybe 4 or 5 times actually turned on after that I would put it on turned off. I haven’t put it on since we moved but in NC I would put it on her because our property was really big. She loved to roam it. So it would go on when she was roaming and neighbors were outside trying to enjoy their yards. She knew if the collar was on her (even though the power was off) it was a no singing zone 😁

        I wish people would try harder to be a good neighbor.
        Here the neighbors behind us had the dog out all the time when we first got here.
        The dog barks nonstop. I am guess the previous owners were never out back. They eventually started bring the dog in when we come out. So either they came around or someone complained. My dog doesn’t bark in the back here. Even with the other dog barking she ignores it. I’m guess noise complaints aren’t at the top of the list for most PDs. But I hope you get out there more.
        I think a out door space is especially good for us right now.


  3. I don’t know… obviously I’m seeing it from a long distance, but I’m not sure the easter print would be a problem. It looks like maybe it’s a charlie brown print? I’m sure kids would like it any time.

    That was a very loud dog bark, haha, and the airplane. We’re under one of the landing paths to our airport but I never find it that loud… I bet if i were recording outside I’d suddenly start noticing it, though.


    1. I think it’s fine. It’s an allover print of Peanuts characters and baskets of easter eggs. It’s bright and cute and it’s getting turned in when I’m allowed.

      It’s a big dog and he was leaning his face over the wall between our properties, which was maybe 15 feet away from the camera, tops. The planes are SO loud. We really should have researched more before buying this house all those years ago. Between the commercial planes and the military planes (Kirtland Air Force Base is also nearby) it’s really loud.


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