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TTMT #99 – Happy Hour, Groovy Kitties, Virtual Hugs, and Coffee Shop

Yes, this is #99.  Next week we can celebrate 100.  So in next week’s videos, wear your party hats!!!!


6 thoughts on “TTMT #99 – Happy Hour, Groovy Kitties, Virtual Hugs, and Coffee Shop

  1. You did such a fantastic job with the groovy kitty quilt. I really love that one. The border worked perfectly with that panel! And the virtual hugs quilt is great too.

    I certainly hope you feel better soon. And woman STAY HOME.


    1. Thanks, I really like those two. I’m staying home. Worked 12 hours yesterday (from home). Had a burst of energy and just sat for 12 hours and got so much done. Not healthy, I know, but I feel better about my task list at work. Now back to quilting.


    1. Yeah, I’m taking a lot of naps (except yesterday), but in between I have ALL this energy. It’s like adrenaline is pitching in to the fight, and it is welcome to the battlefront. I have a feeling my energy levels will drop any day now and I won’t get anything done. But who knows.


  2. I really hope all is well… I see you haven’t updated in a few weeks and it sounds like you were getting a bit sick. Let us know how you are!

    The groovy kitties are fun. Interesting fabric! The virtual hugs quilt looks so great! Well done!


    1. Thanks.
      I am okay. I definitely had the plague, and had all the symptom, but none of them were severe enough to qualify to be tested. So I just felt lousy for a month. Just in the last few days I feel better.
      You haven’t seen me because this stay-at-homing is EXHAUSTING. I haven’t worked on one thing fun. At the end of my workday I am so tired that I take a nap and then get with my brother (he lives 6 blocks away) for dinner (we cook/eat at home). After that, it’s off to bed. I really don’t have all my strength back, but I don’t have that total weakness from before. I prefer to be tired than weak. I’m hoping to do a video today…but I start each day with high hopes that become less important as the day goes on.
      Thanks for the inquiry, though.


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